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We'll go back to pinchers in the second was i am curious about that for you all you know with email as the core does that make you less reliant on social i think it's any we we've obviously with partner with google and face look we hope to do so again i think we think about our similarly to break you know we call our strategy intimacy its scale and what that means for us is we got to a certain scale where we are now and now it's about how do we continue to deeply engaged this audience and we're very proud to say we have never built anything on anyone else's algorithm and we for us you know we own our audience if we wanted to email and get in touch with every single person that follows us or interacts with us we could do that right now in the green room when you so when you say we have not built on anyone else's algorithm could go a little deeper intimacy it's county for us for us what that means as we started with email we have our audience is email addresses that's how he started we call that kind of our honey pot because from there we can deeply engaged people as we say can them off to different products to whether it's are subscription product whether it's for civic engagement purposes we were one iraq the votes largest partners ever to get people out to vote in 2016 or whether it's our commerce business and how we miss product to two other things that were kind of building in the pipeline right now what we have done has been able to do it on our own terms and on our own platform and we can partner with places like facebook and google which we love to partner with and hopes to continue to partner with but we're in a position now when they do need to change and algorithm or do change direction in some way we don't have to have an executive meeting to figure out how do we change our business and you think when you're double the scale so to their your word.

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