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We all expect to make a big move overseas. He's twenty one years old jordan. P faulk is you know twenty four twenty five and he just had a very good year in switzerland which is a pretty decent level matthew hoppy is going to be starting every game as a number nine for shoka in rectitude bundesliga but like that's a. That's a legit league Like that is. That is a good collection of talent. So if you ricardo peppy and you're looking at that and then you're looking at mexico's depth chart which is almost all guys who are thirty years in over other than jj messiahs who i don't think is great transferred the khadafi Like it's look. I hope he stays with the us. I really do. I wouldn't be shocked If he if he didn't I don't think he's going to make the decision anytime soon. But i i would expect to see him Take camps with a with both teams. This is really good for. Fc dallas either way might actually be better for fc dallas if he goes with mexico for a number of reasons you look at where is from el paso. You're trying to convince players coming from that sort of region right next to the border have maybe have experienced playing in mexico or wanting to come into the club. Come to fc dallas. You can go play for the mexican national team. You're the number nine for mexico. Now that's a pretty good bargaining chip for them as far as treat continuing that pipeline of young talent coming through us dollar so They can sit back and say make whatever decision you wanna make because either way. This is gonna work out well for us for anyone. We're having these conversations where does mls league mexican and the region and supremacy and all this stuff if the starting number nine for l. tree for the next whatever years came out of the fc dallas. Academy i think that changes the formula for how we see the game in this region is. Is it your dream to see the starting number nine for canada the iowa canola and the starting number nine four guatemala ruby over being a starting number nine for l. tree to be a ricardo peppy in costa rica. Is area lassiter. There you go so so just like mls snowing. It's where you at all of you. Class daleks league one bro. League one williams does august williams. The dose kid isn't he making. I don't know about that. Oh while by the way this might be the right back fail three to join toronto. Of course the gold cup decided. Hey maybe it's a little soon here to get cap tied. Let's just pump the brakes a little bit news today. He signed a contract extension with the galaxy. Four and a half years. That's big time. I think he's going to be twenty two player for them under that new initiative. The other Twenty two hundred twenty two player of the week. We have to throw here because fire fans like you. Don't get that many good things. These days agnosio zeta most player of the week. Baby two goals three zero win against atlanta united. Let's go and we have a question about the demise of the united from acl fans that we will address at a later date so we don't have time. Let's get to the mail bag four. Why augustine williams sierra leone which is even even. That's so we have to send starting forward to the web to unless there's a starting nines for braff con kind. It's perfect we're doing it. All michael hadda retirement. Let's just had time for one. Extra.

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