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I don't know it's a cast problem problem with a bunch of people who WanNa win and not necessarily invest into a potential engagement and marriage indefinitely. Come from the show just to say. Hey how long can I last at all. It's all. How long can I last? How long the second question do you have three questions for you about the take the teaser? Definitely one hundred percent who out of all of this is right now. You're you're Bachelorette in the whole bachelor nation. World just wanted to hand out there Hannity canopy same with me Annabi Hannity is back to being the next Bachelorette in my is last thing for you Ashley after this episode on a grade of a to f how is Peter Webber doing pierogies good job. That's episode. He's is he he he was. What an a minus for you last week? What does he just last week? Okay plus he's a B last week. I don't I think I think he gets a B. Again this week I would say he. He stayed about the same. I think he's doing a fine job I think we've seen some of his biggest weaknesses in life. Probably exposed during the show like doesn't confront things very well or doesn't really love to but he's a nice guy and and I just want him to find love in this because I know he believed in finding love in this. I knew this a good shot for him. I just think that at some point this has gotten to be a lot for him and I don't think he's had a lot of women around him to help push him forward Ashley. Then we gotta talk about this as you just mentioned. There's a teaser. I think that we saw for the rest of the season and right away. It was late when I watched it. I wanted to call you and be like what in the world is going to happen. Ashley no spoilers alerts. Because you don't know them and let's be clear on that we don't know them. I swear we don't know them. A lot of people have been coming up to me and they're like wait so really really there. This season isn't spoil a bull. I'm like it's the first time I've gone this far without truly knowing the ending because he believed it to me thinking thinking that I know and I'm like I don't think this season and this is always when it gets me. What is your breakdown of what you think possibly could happen right now? Okay have a very well formed idea. So I think that Madison's basically like the one and I think he knows Madison's the one but I think he goes into fantasy suites and I think he sleeps with another girl knowing that that Not as an as saving herself for marriage and I think that hearing that in the coming weeks he gets scared because he she has talked about. How important sexes in a relationship with him and I think that he's not sure if he can really wait for marriage to determine whether or not that component own and the relationship is strong enough? Like he doesn't WanNa go. I don't think he wants to go into marriage. You know like not having had sexist but I really just don't think he does and I I think that freaks them out and then I think he ends up sleeping with another girl. Madison finds out about it. She's not sure she wants to be with him anymore. I actually think it's a huge turn off for her and I think I think that that is going to be a big break between Peter and Madison and I think the mom saying come bring her here is slack. You better figure crap out because if you don't you'RE GONNA loses amazing woman and Sh- you got to win them back. It's definitely a winning situation. Asian do I have a different transportation. You did no I. I don't know how to play out this massive yourself for marriage and then Peter admitting what we think he admits to having sex with somebody else if you knew this and it was if it was so important to Madison as an Madison was the one at the end. I have a feeling that is a massive. Like if this is the case it would be a massive issue for her and I get that like I think. I can't speak to that but I would imagine that would like her and be confusing especially if you're pursuing engagement where just like. What do you like like you knew this was important to me? You knew this was something I was saving myself for. Why is it Then you feel like you can can do this. It could be that. Ah I don't I just don't get the I'm not making sense here. Let me be clear. I don't understand within any of that thought process. What Chris here's here's his telling him? That is the part I disagree with you want. I just don't think it's clear to US I. I don't know what that would be. I agree with you. I think it's totally separate thing. And I think what he comes up to to say is actually just going to be nothing. Could be one of those teasers. That unlike the Unlike the Hanna confrontation with Luke and unlike the fence jump it's actually going to be very very anticlimactic but it's such a good tease for the entire season. But I still think that he may not end up proposing to anyone at the end of of this because I think he wants to propose to Madison. But he's very conflicted with the sex situation I think you might be right. Yeah there's always that moment to. We've we've been used to it over the years to where it's like. The teaser proved true that this might be the one where it doesn't. Hey Ashley we gotta get Connor on the on the line. Let's get caught online. We'll come back with connor saline as he is the L. A. Bachelor Bachelor.

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