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I don't know how. Because. Yeah. Safe Oprah over wind just really throwing out Leslie surprise movie was fuck Walker. Look at each other. Tony Morrison on the other side shit conspiring against me anyway. Married to medicine is really getting on my nerves. I don't even know where to go. So my own acting like she's lost her down. My I don't know. What's wrong with her and everything a little? It's like why Why do do you you do? do what you fucking literally contests contests guy? Could she literally mentioned that she was happy about contests being back on the group Contessa sense that someone was kind of facing to start an argument. So you responded by saying, yeah, you know, I had surgery. I had a reason to be away. So mom takes stop seventy two had surgery. We don't always need to know. And she goes on her confessional inside saying that she was irritated by Contessa saying she had surgery real talk. That's why she had an argument. So then cuts to a scene of some only yell and at the top of lungs. Jokin tacit. Like there was literally no reason for anybody to be that upset, and I'm just tired of it. So I love married to medicine, but some on toyah Mariah have truly truly giving me ingrown scrotum here sissies. Green leaf has been may Zane. Happened in this last one because people were tweeting me like Fred, you caught up basically, all the bones the closet everybody, basically knows everything they know that Rochelle was messing with them. The Bishop said he's gonna the Bishop said, you got me, but you're not gonna get away with it. She goes bitch already did. Yeah. Bitcoin. Well, all the money is going. She made up a lie that they slept together with say dead. Oh, you forgot. So everybody's like Basie skanks is back. Where was he hiding and trying to pay off debts owed people are whatever tasha then fell in love with Jacob Basie found out winning check. Jacob. It's been so much going on charity. Steel chairs chatty food, so greatly has been good. I'm tired of this shit already for some calm on green leaf grace. Grace, Lionel, son. Hey, hey..

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