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By Jewish people that will start at sundown this coming Friday. April nineteenth the holiday to commemorate the story of God liberating, the ancient Israelite people out of Egypt imposed slavery shout out to you abreast. That clip is well, let my people go the famous line by Moses just a small portion of the journey of the Israelite people from bondage to salvation, and this is what the Jewish people have been retailing and celebrating for generations with Passover the last for eight days during which no bread or anything that contains green that has been fermented is to be consumed or even owned the main focus of the Passover holiday is the ceremonial Seder. Celebrate Ori meal that occurs. This Friday and Saturday nights in which family and friends and guests discuss the story of the exodus through. Readings rituals and four cups of wine and symbolic foods. And joining us today to talk about some of those important, symbolic foods. And what his legendary Chicago restaurant is doing for Passover is Ken Raskin who is the owner of the great manny's deli. Hi, Ken, nice, see forever I've ever seen. You would not surrounded by corn beef sale for sure. All over because I I love coming to manage. You've got your shirt on which I love. But normally I see the restaurant when I'm knee-deep and corned beef sandwiches, and you're serving them to everybody at manny's for how long has made manny's is truly one of the legendary restaurants in Chicago. We've been on the neighborhood for seventy seven years now style with my grandfather and his brother my dad worked there as a kid, and they had a place on route one in Albany park. One on the west side over the years. Very close. We opened up on Jefferson street in nineteen sixty five where you are now fell packing them in every single day. We've done for expansions over the years and trying to keep up with the times. Yeah. What do you think the secret of this successful talk about Passover second? But manny's manny's is so legendary what do you think the secret to the successes as food's gone through different trends? Great corned beef sandwiches. Great pastrami sandwiches that amazing deli counter that you have the hot table of great foods, and desserts, they have is has been standard for for decades. Well, you know, so many things have changed over the years. All the places that we used to basically disappeared. I've been started dating my wife forty four years ago. And everywhere we went on a date, probably within those first six months. Yeah. So we really are touchback to what things were do. You think it's the people of comfort foods that they love that. There's something about going to bandies that brings back a happier. Time for them and foods, maybe their parents serve them their grandmothers made for them their mothers made for them. Absolutely. You know, basically, we're serving the fifth generation of customers ready, and they refer to their grandparents great grandparents and basically their experiences, and they're trying to figure out how a change where the walls were. And all right, right. One of the things that strikes me when I come to manny's is how diverse it is. You have everybody every kind of person ever male female every color every ethnicity. There's there's a universal quality that people love about coming to manny's. Well, you get old fashioned type food a lot of middle. European entrees? People come to get their fix. And if just so so interesting to see what it's like in. If you have an experience people want to come in and see what it's all about. So talk to me a little bit about Passover and manny's you've got a special Passover menu. Just for the holidays. Right. We do quite extensive actually has a lot of our regular items that we serve every day. But they're featured right out in front. I'm this menu. Basically, you could get all the fixings for your family dinner to serve at home without cooking, people place watering advance that come pick it up of fluid. Anything out? Grandma's not going to be happy about that can't do that. And you don't we don't brand we don't brand the piece of filth affairs with the man is low, but we we don't need to be recognized. Are the are the foods that you have on your Passover menu? Those are the items which are on the traditional items that one would find on a Seder table absolutely everywhere from filter fish to chapel ever massive ball soup. The Karosas all items that are on the plate. And we get to that. If you wanna talk about the simple, you know, find out about it. I mean, you know, for for Christians today is a poem Sunday. But I like learning about other religions and traditions, and to me, that's what makes Chicago so great as we have such a melting pot here. And I love learning about all of these things. Let me take a break. And when we come back, you could explain all of this to us. We'll come right back. Ken Raskin is here, the owner of manny's delis, and we'll be right back on WGN.

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