United States, Russia, China discussed on FP's The Editor's Roundtable (The E.R.)


Than than chinese influence i mean decades of anti soviet hysteria in the united states is part of it i'm it was well founded obviously the the especially during the stalinist period there was there's a there's a lot of evil regimes in the twentieth century but that certainly is not i mean it's not i money among equals up there and i think that there is just a longer there's just a more deeply embedded anti russia with the villains in movies for longer than the chinese have highly development in hollywood movies was i was thinking too you know look there's this this level of which this this chinese stuff because it's confined to the chinese american community because it's confined in many cases to overseas communities abroad it doesn't feel like it affects most people there's a sort of 'isolation about it was the russian stuff because it hit upon you know also the the us is decision to cover it self in petrol and set itself light democratically because it headed this moment that that touches everyone you know everyone saw got involved in these stupid online fights and memes spreading and all this sort of thing so isn't a sense in which the russians have touches our daily life in china stuff doesn't i think that's that's true or now i think there are two things first of all china has been much more successful at serve tissues ly doing that kind of perception management and in ways that i think the russians have been quite.

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