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Smith's countries dot com code for ten percent off I the wedding in two thousand ten In Colorado and it was wound up we flew to Denver the drive three hours. Basically up and I was like I'll go for run when I couldn't breathe. You cannot actually affects completely. You feel like you get used to it but you totally. Yeah you're kind of always little shorter. Breath elevations sickness but people did the hotel they were handing just curl up and gone home. Fortunately Mike's not here. Now he died but listen he made a donation seventy thrill. Great Seventeen Grand. I mean we're here. What a memorable show? We're going to be five thousand. Are Minihan suggested the bid might go up if we say I am and by the way did I saw there. Were more any bit updates hurtful. I'll check right now. And then they were actually not on the air so it's quite a telephone. It's an interesting strategy. Telephone selling your own coulds too weird man people would do that still at five thousand six five thousand six dollars right now. I pretty by the end of the day. We'll be at that number one recently. Seventy five hundred. I think we're going to beat. Ed means summonsed and I'm assuming that means someone offered five thousand five dollars that sheep thirty eight hundred pretty fast. It did mm-hmm yeah so all right what else do we get. Steve and the other songs would you wanted to play that parody thing the porn parody. Yes so this was a curious what they came up. You said you said you wanted minivan porn at the end of the show yesterday. I didn't really know what the fuck you meant by that. I say every some there was some confusion as to what the orders were well. You seem the you've seen the thing I need to walk these people through hold their hands for everything right whether direction I wouldn't be creative wanted to get a couple the fans together in in in film scene where you're fucking fine by gets more kind of bringing the characters in having some fun right that's all. I'm just trying to be creative if it doesn't work out now let me. It'd be like the songs of the prank phone calls. I get it you know but I'm sure they give them a chance to sort of you. Know spread their wings a little bit. Maybe they're not going to do good. Well I guess we'll get an example here. It fit rage. Se Returns to the scene in the crime. He likes is with his mortal enemy. Debbie is he in dippy ravage each other over a better steak fries. I haven't encountered this. This isn't working for take more than a man's voice man's raspy voice. I thought it'd be Kinda funnier if you know guys playing Stephen. The woman's playing right and they sort of do do that thing and as much of inside job I had but I mean that's that's a big production I respect. It's Russia seal match. I arrive at one PM on Thursday in my usual tennis lesson. Smell the GRA talkin surprise a matches already going on. I decide to sit in the bleachers and watched the two men in a heated exchange. I shift around on the bench arching my back to get comfortable..

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