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What is the status shield at this point in the mcu because it was destroyed. Wasn't it in previous movies. Streudel i it was. It was will traded and then discredited in the winter soldier and then like there's no more shield really in like infinity. War endgame right well we. We've we've got fucking nick fury out there out in outer space in shit but that's sword that like so it's the beginning of sword shield gone and now swords there. That's why i'm hoping that that's what i'm hoping old name cap might be the leader of hopefully the brand new shield the sealed on the right side of things. She can pull a fucking all hail hydra moment as old man. I hope not. I don't wanna see that shit me either. I don't wanna see like that fucking end panel of that fucking a comic book were caps hydra in you know for as much as i love that writer i love. What was it spencer. What's his name mit- spencer. Expensive as much as i love nick spencer like and as much as that run turned out to be okay. It's just like. I just don't want to see that i wouldn't mind cnn. I think chris evans would bring a lot to that honestly. I think it'd be fun to see him as a york app. I well i think that he he did that moment. In the elevator and game then. Game right yeah. He said it to the bald. do ya did. did you omit. Yeah exactly before. He got in a fight with them or before he got the The tesseract from them. I think that was the to that moment in the comics that they were looking for. And i i don't think they're gonna reference that again. Yeah thank you. I don't think they're going to reference it either. It was met with not the good kind of controversy when they didn't the comic book. So i think kind of stay away from that. I personally wouldn't mind cnn. Even though i think there's zero percent chance it'll happen. Yeah guys all right. Let's let's jump into one division. And we're gonna end this episode with our wanda vision discussion. So here we go one division. Wanda vision vision wanda vision. I love it ever. I'm sorry. I kinda wanna play it again. Just renew hold on wanda vision. Wanda vision.

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