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California Teachers Association says now is not the time to resume in person learning. Claudia Briggs, with the C T A says case rates are too high. Um, way have to get shots in the arms of all employees who are required to report in person and before students returned to campus. Sacramento County. Public health officials are allowing educators to get vaccinated, They said the group will be eligible starting February 16. Those qualified include pre school to high school staff, child care workers, school bus drivers and administrative staff. The rise of work at home options is fueling an influx of professionals to the Sacramento area. The Sacramento Bee analyzed data from lengthen on relocation destinations of professionals leaving the Bay Area they found Sacramento is the third most desired location in the country. I'm a well Balon Sacramento traffic taking a look at KFBK traffic. Let's start things up in Roseville. A two car crashes blocking the pleasant Grove Boulevard on ramp to a South found 65 over in Truckee traffic in Stop and Go on West 1 80 between Donner Pass and Eagle Lake's Road That's gonna chain requirements within that area. It's gonna involve directions of 80 actually change required in both directions for that area. As well as both directions of 89 between pickets Junction Toe Highway fifties With that in mind, as you're taking to this year, this weekend traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings.

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