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Cosmo chemists. Natalie starkey always good to have you natalie and natalie do you. Do you have a twitter. Handle you. Can share with people is dot us. Started all the good. Oh okay why. Not only are you a cosmo cadmus which sounds like the space version of breaking bad but then you get stocky. Start us on top of that. Oh man and chuck handle is chuck nice comic book so we left off. We last left off wondering you you ask the question. John that if a comic can come in and it has the ingredients for life right instead of colliding with earth and burning up candidate just sort of break up in the atmosphere and then sprinkled down gently and the problem here. Chuck is the matter of the kinetic. Energy has that energy has to go somewhere. Somebody's gotta eat that kinetic energy and if it hits the atmosphere or the ground or the connector edgy. Goes back into the object and destroys every frigging molecule. How ever natalie's stardust mission manage to collect comet particles with a fast moving object. So natalie what magic did you guys perform on this mission. So that you didn't you didn't destroy the very thing you tried to collect icon. Credit for analyze classic amazing about what the scientists went on and some michio could aaron gel which is basically a very light and very dense material. Which made macy made of silica who made a silica and it slows down past calls as the catches so it was made like knocks on this kind of tennis tennis racket stark alexa and say we flew through the town of the pass from the hit this collector and they were rapidly decelerated and important part when he do that is not was up. Say this monsieur. Actually he's way from these hospitals to say impacted and preserve them really really even the really volatile stuff like the the organic matter which should have kind of gotten kind of evaporates way essentially. There's no matter what you're suggesting is if we replace earth's atmosphere with aero gel collect anything that fell him. Okay just checking on that chocolates lightning round to these questions. We can get him all right. Okay this is tony ham. Who says could gotten a shape due to the possible gravitational pull up planets and stars so you know. We didn't talk about the shape but it's she gave the dimensions. It's very cigar-shape shaped all right. Yeah it's it's hard for me to shame because we come see it directly and say one of the we think is probably quite lawyers possibly five to ten times longer as wide which is really unusual shade. We've got we've seen nothing like that. Nasim system and and if it was over five times longer than it's funny it's a really weird shape so it's really hard to describe how would have come from a comet or an asteroid or another planet is extremely strange. It might not be scholars. Eight is some people think it might be kind of flat disc shape so is basically quite long relation to how white is. But why can't greg title forces have stretched it out like for example in a comet shoemaker. Levy back twenty five years ago. That was one kind of broken into many pieces. If you couldn't resolve the different pieces and you step back you might think is just one long elongated comment when you there will basically retaining the same time so that they will be bound in some way because we use like earth day so using astronomy all the time to look objects outside of earth and stars in paterson things and the way we do this. Is we look at how it reflects the light. How an jet reflects the sunlight or whatever it might be star near it. And and what discovery of mike. Hove shape and so basically looks like objects essentially tumbling through space new an astro comment which is very always very neatly arrayed. Predictably and this is basically tumbling. It's really odd saying. I think it's going to be one object because it was local. Jesse probably wouldn't expect to see that and in the date or happening coherently. Okay can remember so. There are a lot of people who think that this might be some type of alien technology or some kind of mast alien. Craft philip in. I says is this from another civilization. Yeah rig citing the suggested is a really exciting prospects. We've got to remember. I love the old call. Sagan's saying extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and retired. Have the evidence to really strongly support. The idea that this is an alien spatial was some areas. They should junk or something like that. We have to see. I rule out all the more natural observations that we may your more actual ideas about what is thinking. We're just to be clear your statement. We have to rule them out is a away a scientific bias against it. Being aliens right. You say we have to rule out these other explanations before we accept the aliens. That's let's call it a bias. It's the history of this exercise. Shows that that's the right thing to do is that a fair opens raise. We have to go with a simple relation fast because it's usually the correct one but once we ruled out the more simplex nations. There's a comment or an asteroid or a piece of broken piece of a planet from another exit. Then we can start to look at the mall of fuel things like is it a piece of an alien spaceship or something but what was the most compelling evidence to.

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