Katrina, Department Homeland Security, President Trump discussed on Hugh Hewitt


That there is more news but this is consequential news there's so much big news out there and the administration rabble this mess with the kids but you called out early us you were one of the first to say that this could be trump katrina you didn't act on it like what we've learned what we've reported is there wasn't a plan and when the president issue that executive order it was on his win he tweeted that he was gonna fix it told us stop to fix it have this incredible sight of administration lawyers huddled around computers coming up with something that he can sign but they didn't have a plan in mind for for our they weren't going to undo the damage or how they were going to fix this going forward now they're trying to the department homeland security says they now know location of every child they're responsible for that's a pretty low bar but i i think what is key to that story is that he responded he intuit's where he should go he hits offense he josh any moves on took awhile and you were there before he been booed out of restaurants we're gonna win this battle because can you really right on the side of understanding that protected you sure we show we have to show up your body cabinet a restaurant store.

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