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I'm starting to come around the karlin though and here's why because even if these quarterbacks are projected to be great and who knows and they're they're being projected to be really good but there's not an andrew lock here doesn't see our nolan's saying that there's like the sure sure sure thing but their projected to be good players you know you're getting a bell check he's a culture changer mcdaddy but can he develop a quarterback in ho what kind of staff can he put together anyone over charlie weis i mean come on romeo crew now i who coaches are going to get jobs somewhere else i have faith and build bella because he has always been able to replace those guys as they have left i have total faith terminals bella check to be able to find and identify good assistant coach how how good with bill bellichik before tom brady got there tell me that was that was those numbers what's the record of that because that last i remember before mola's gave a gave drew bledsoe chess shot he was on his way out of is a him getting fiveyear gear so phone tom brady and say lucy i started this barbecue to yemen thanks i get but you lose at on friday at the next if you look at some of these other situations if they've had over the years with a one and a lot of it's been because of brady but a lot of it's been because abella check to because of what he does defensively here's literally guy can he bar here's literally taking guys off the street and started have been a secondary the next week he takes receivers and puts him in the secondary and gets them to build reductive guy there has never been any better putting players positions to be successful he never talks about in never thinks about what a player can't two a fence about what they can do and that's what he does to win hail to the know let me tell you something and all of you know listen is many draft picks the fees picked hear the it and he hit on he's also missed storms a lot of him too so velayati thing it but but people were saying he such a genius and a lot of.

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