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And i think unbiased most bizarre about this event it's in intensive it's important significance in. It's the feeling that they get from winning it. You could see him with that huge silver trophy and he loved it but he had to wrestle it out of the way of camera. Nori who this week talking about. People who are better than than we thought they were. He walking better than i thought he was I thought on this surface. He would never do something like that. Even at the start of the week catherine when you interviewed him he didn't sound very comfort system. He surprised himself and surprised. Surprised all of his his his performance in the final today reminded me of maybe think of some of the faces are beginning this week. That my mom's been sending me if billie jean with rosie with the look on her face of like the same with the same size. I'm like where we're from the same cloth. And what is the difference. I mean there's probably you could probably fit about twelve billion genes in rosie wh- jeans. A little conquer caterpillar and rosie is a golden laboratory of across a laboratory in labrador. Yeah sort of a scrappy. I'm i'm gonna be your equal even though you know. I'm not really gonna pretend for a couple of hours versus verminous cutter sort of whatever. Yeah i'm going to weather this storm. You're going to try and play with me unless it happened for a little while. And then i'm i'm gonna win in the end and there was another match tie that this week which was nouri versus corrupt seth wayne. Who's the one which stood out for me. Part of my job parrot. Koreans is to watch the matches and pick out points that that will be good for highlights reel and sometimes you watching matches you scraping around trying to think point for highlights. Reel no not really but this match honestly we were clipping every single point. No regrets us high-quality and nari was doing a similar thing you did in the final against bertini going. Yeah just going toe to toe with a bigger stronger man and making his tennis work and it's funny. Nari was was in the same position. Today that feliciano lopez was in two years ago which was in the singles final on the sunday and then a double semifinal to finish and potentially a final play and yet now there are lots of other circumstances two years ago most notably andy murray's presence but last year that was a huge story with lopez. It was the story of the tournament of his tournament today with felt like a kind of afterthought he was in all of these matches. And i just think that's harshly. Perhaps but kind of reflective and symbolic of him as a tennis player. He is underrated talked about as much as he probably should be. He's had an amazing season. he's i think he's twelve in the race so he could welby is moment in the race third final his third final of the season all different surface all different services or more matches than anyone ball sit surpass on rube love. I mean the strides made our incredible really. I mean i thought he was with i. Thirty was top fifty max. And he's proving that he's he's more with frankly relative to the people surrounding him in the rankings. A limited toolkit. And i mean that is an absolute complement him. He is an example and an inspiration. He's incredible total maximize. And i i almost wrote on twitter today. Your time will come. Cameron nari for his first title is relieved kate knocking on that door. We we funny seen last night. When when he'd managed to get the semifinal win against shapovalov who's all extravagant winners left right and center but he doesn't seem to have a clear game plan clear identity of who he is a tennis player. Norrie perfectly satisfied with what he is. He's like come on. then bring on. I will find a way past you. Yeah i i hope that chapa valve is had that same assessment that much and learn what so many players and people generally could learn from from camera. I mean i find him. Quakes inspiring no data. I am very worried. He i haven't seen a full acceptance of what you're talking about really but what what we did have them in. That match finished pretty late last night and then had to do. Tv into court then a press conference and then we had to do preview final preview interviews yourself with amazon prime video and tv. And i should be media and because it was raining we did in the in the walkway next to the court undercover dark and dingy outside the lose outside the lose its cold. Is i believe how good you looked. When we went on primary. Louise sitting there freezing shorts and the first question that was asked him with something along the lines of you. You have a little bit of that thing. That wrath on the dial has of no point is ever lost in your mind then. His face lit up. He was so pumped to be compared and look. He's not refunded out. He never will be but he's played in twice this year the first time he gave him a good fight. He's not good enough to beat it and the second one he lost in straight sets it running. Our speed did not disgrace himself. He brings it..

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