Al Walid Bin Talal, Salman, Bank Accounts discussed on Monocle 24: The Globalist


Absolutely said this is all saudi arabian anticorruption drive as we saw wayne kick into gary the weekend an with the arrest of uh eleven prints his as well as and other officials earned at one of the world's richest men prince al walid bin talal and the and this is a corruption dried headed by muhammad bin salman the crown prince he says that this is a necessary push for reform critics who said that it is a move fame to consolidate his power but what we're seeing yesterday is that the this anti corruption drive appears to be widening that an saudi arabia froze dozens more bank accounts including those of people who are not currently under arrest according to bloomberg this is now putting as much as thirty three billion dollars in personal wealth at risk earned there is every possibility that we will see more assets frozen today and according to blame but these saudi arabian financial regulator has sent a list of hundreds of names t the banks telling them to freeze any accounts linked to these names and saudis attorney general also said on monday that the highprofile arrests we saw at the weekend would just phase one of this anti corruption drive and what is it doing to the stock markets well unsurprisingly it's causing at some sin kale's the stock markets have been reeling since since the weekend in this is in effect not just of the anticorruption drive but also the crease political tensions that we seen between saudi in iran.

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