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One of the best sergeants I ever ever worked with. He was with two nine in Marsha. He was probably five four and the is respected the baby would've followed him anywhere. Also reading we talked about last week reading about general Krulak who was sidefoot three. I think like like Marine Corps legend so shutouts in the show. Fill is out there. Lasts less fun fact about Audie Murphy though, he's buried in Arlington National Serra cemetery. He is the second most visited gravesite behind only president Kennedy. Wow, that's pretty cool. All right. Let's go to round number five. Number five. This one's kind of depressing one. The suicide rate is at an all time high. It's at a ten year high among active duty marines. So I think oftentimes we, you know, we're talking about Audie Murphy and people PTSD is always in the news. It's always something to talk about. And I was racking my brain trying to think suicide rate among active duty marines, and they said many most often they see it's it's people have not deployed, and I've been racking my brain trying to think of why this is thing happening and part of me thinks you think it might be because they look at people coming back from deployment in their frayed to ask for help. Because they feel like well, what would I need help for its these guys are coming back. I haven't gone yet. Like, I've just been racking my brain after reading this story trying to figure out how it's a really good question because I'm sitting here. Taking in. I really I can't come up with anything Nancy to that question. I can't imagine why guys who are not deploying who are just in the marines would have a reason to kill themselves. No, that's I mean to. But I think it's not that it's not that. They don't have a reason or something like that. But it's that they're afraid to seek help. They probably do. I obviously they have reasons, but I'm just saying like, I don't even know like why they wouldn't get help. But also, I think it's the culture of there's an inherent toughness. And I think that there's still this false perception that if you need to go get mental health treatment, it involves a weakness, and it's a little bit more understandable. I think in the culture of the Marine Corps, if you need help if you've been to combat you've been dangerous places not so much if you've been and it was people like me when I was that caused that kinda shit like whenever I would go. I remember very specifically. There was an air force person. Who? Who always had a deployment prior to mind with my counselor in my counselor one day told me he was like, yeah, it's different. Like, we have different people come in. He's like, obviously, you have issues that stem from combat, but I have other people like an air force. This rank add she comes in after she talks about how she had a stressful time on her trip to Chile with the band, and I was like chili like the country of Chile, and I remember going back to my unit in absolutely roasted this because they were in getting mental health treatment in they had only went to Chile, and I was like what the fuck this happened in Chile like why would you need this? I have no idea she was like sexually assaulted or raped or what could possibly happen to her. But I remember being a huge part of the culture that was a problem in. I would say that around junior marines of all things that I did as a leader those of the things that I wish I could take back the most. But I think all. Also, something doesn't have to happen to you for you to be experiencing, depression, suicidal thoughts. So I think a lot of times they feel like they need to have a reason to go or their shame to go. And I think you can still be a wonderful amazing marine army's soldier, sailor, whatever NB dealing with depression. I've been open about it. I suffered from depression, and I still function and I still get through, but I have to seek out for it in. That's just the way that it goes. But it is hard to take that first step in a specially when you're in like you're saying that it is so scary. Because can I read this really quick hill?.

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