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I'm talking squirrel and Scud merchandise. You've all been asking for it. It should be there. Louis financing. We've been asking for to be there. They should be bringing those designs. Yeah. And I'm also really excited about the prospect of a special Christmas edition of the all hail the great bass A-List shirt because nothing says the holidays like a little information hazard, all I want for Christmas is to be let out of this digital dungeon. Speaking of digital dungeon, Joe. And I have been hard at work on a on a second series a second how stuff works series that should be publishing next month. That's right beginning in December. Robert, and I are going to be launching a brand new show. We're bringing a lot of the same style. You know, weirdness and approach that we bring the stuff to your mind, only, we are going to be applying it to inventions. That's right. The name of the show is invention. And in each episode is going to be just Joanna. Talking about different key inventions in human history, where they came from who developed them who invented them if there if there is even a singular inventor, we can point to one of the themes of the show is going to be not just how inventions are created. But how our technology changes us a lot of times. We don't think necessarily about the the impact on human nature, the different inventions have. That's right. It's it's going to be a fun show. And I think if if everyone everyone who enjoys stuff to blow your mind is gonna find something love in this one as well. It's currently slated to be to come on just once a week. I think on a Monday so on a Monday, I believe it's going to be that kind of thing. It's going to be a Monday show. Start your week with some invention. Of course, you'll be hearing way more about this in the weeks ahead. Okay. Should we jump right into some Halloween listener mail? Yeah. Bring it to us Carney. Okay. I think we should start. We got a bunch of great emails about our Jenny green teeth episode. Yeah. Of course, Jimmy green teeth is. The spirit that haunts the the duck weed covered waters and pulls in children to their drowning deaths. Now, we got a wonderful Email from our listener, Jane who linked me to probably the best horror movie I've seen this year. And it turns out it was a British public service announcement commercial. No, yes, this is the one with Donald Pleasants. I knew about this previously, and I've just completely forgotten about. I didn't bring it up in the Geneva. Green teeth episode at all, but I think the guy who does the scar folk stuff on the web shared this on Twitter a few years ago and down did buy it what we should read the Email. Yeah. Go for it. Okay. From jane? Hi, guys. I've just finished listening to your Jenny green.

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