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The studio John Vincent from US news and World Report at U. S. news World Report just came out with their new news best vehicle brand award for the best vehicle brands award do people shop by brands John order they shot by mortals both a lot of people shop by brands because that's what the families of always gotten so that's always the safe choice my dad told me never to buy for what's because his dad didn't like him but it was you know I like four to have like pretty much every car out there the Bram thing do you think it makes a difference by you know people looking at the brands over Ole Ole do they still when they buy a Chevy to they still look at a Chevy verses fifteen hundred ram or a F. one fifty I think they're focused on the kind of model they want in the brand is get out they look at the brand as where they can find that model all right so they're looking for actually be they might go to monster first to make a kia first and I got a Honda first when you made this list up what did you look as criteria so US news is research based with our reviews and what we did is we took the top ranking vehicles out of every brand and compare them to the top top ranking vehicles out of every other brand to see which brand have the highest level of top ranking vehicles and so when we say top ranking is that that's what customers lying or that that's based on our new car rankings and reviews okay and and how is that gather has the info gathered is it to get people to buy the vehicles at talking to people at tester them at U. S. news we use a consensus based review structure where we look at reviews from across the auto industry and to pull data out of them mix it with quantitative data on predicted Riley reliability safety and a number of other factors and come up with a ranking so let's talk about who made the bottom of the list we don't have the bottom of the list we celebrate the good the good killing me all right the bottom is but it's not something we publish all right so how many places do you have so we have test car brand best brand mistrust brand we have runners up or just the best we do not we talk about the best let's talk about the the best truck brown the best truck brand is ram okay and what do you think that the ram fifteen hundred has been very well accepted by customers it does some things that other trucks don't do has your suspension has by far the nicest cabin the industry it's it's it's doing very well in the marketplace it also injected someone of fear into the competition because immediately that it started to win all the awards the announcer from Chevy was we completely redoing our interior sweet Holly so hot and the new Silverado fifteen hundred it's a good truck but it didn't go far enough in what it needed to update right the interiors are often places you can save money because in years gone by people down well they look at something shiny on the outside specially in the nineties I remind his was a whiz here for this you can get inside a Subaru in the nineties you give us on the miles in the nineties new got mark want want it looked really good from the outside but you got inside it smell bad plastic and it was also the press molded and it was never finished right it was bit so slow wispy plastic coming off the dash well in in the truck market the truck market has changed dramatically it's no longer somebody looking necessarily for utilitarian vehicle they're looking for an SUV with a pet and they're willing to pay seventy thousand dollars and they take the family out to family events in the travel long holes for the family as well so kids are gonna need U. S. B. is in the back and entertainment systems of the people in the back row to me to be comfortable right yep it's really turning into sort of the S. U. V. what the S. U. V. has become as well except without with an open bed I guess in the back so ram did did really well when we move over to the S. U. V. care right the CV list did they do as well that should be was a surprise this year because Honda has dominated in the SUV category for years okay and this year kia took the the Wharton on the strength of the telluride the fresh the renter so the Sportage is doing well all right right the giving a quick break when we come back we'll pick this up on the other side of the commercial break you're.

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