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But i've been following it a little bit because i do use feuerbach's a lot of the things they had to change to get quantum to work are the reasons people use fire fox them switching to web extensions and getting rid of a lot of the customers custom ask bility that they had was one of the last reasons power users used fire fox so trading a little bit of memory usage in cebu usage for that i don't know that that's a winning proposition daddy batteries the that means they are unlikely claimed the chrome strength which is a position you're never gonna be better than google it this this is the art the exactly the entered thing we talking about five minutes ago the there was a whole bounced off the kerb extension just combo because the crime dave arbitrarily because you can't do that us no extensions of four now i'm i can see what they've done good reasons that and that's valuable but far fox went not wigan about so you've got really extensions not just these little hubbell they basically a web page in annoy framing hair or four i piaggio allowed to use extensions and now they throw malawai in order to buy sleep on crime extensions instead and yeah i agree with you i think a whole bunch people are gonna go how dance really annoying well let's give it a shop maybe we can do it why don't we do this why do i use it and give it a joint interview in the next show i'd absolute i agree with that and this one i will use it as soon as it makes it into the repo for my yarn sauce let's hope it let's hope he gets into the next week out imagined it i mean as if other now here onetwo so i'm guessing yeah seven.

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