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And all the same time a buyout will be arranged it's almost like a an escrow that that the executor is running a matter of fact i may very well be an escrow of the executive chooses the ruined escrow orphee can't agreed than the property is sold in the money is split up that's it okay okay and if everybody's on the same side your home free it's one of those things you know how often do what you call them i'd rather china's groom ya family member whenever there is money this is just a procedural question and then it's always the same case if everybody is on the same side if don't we try if no one trying to screw anybody else is nothing that cannot be figured out nothing uh it's any issue was surmountable and if you don't agree there's no issue that can be figured out it becomes insurmountable all right this is handle on the law i monica rex live from the kfi 24hour newsroom and to promote a police officers have been shot la county sheriff's skeptic christopher burner says one of those officers has died approximately nine oh four p m last night a call for sure rish regarding a reckless vehicle was called into the motive police department monuc police officers responded identified the vehicle a short pursuit ensued when the vehicle a failed to yield he says the guy that ran into an apartment complex and hid in a bedroom of a one eunet as the officers arrived the guy shot them through the door that man is still holed up in the apartment two people have died and a third is in critical condition after possibly overdosing on feno at a home in so cow authorities were called.

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