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Or check. Whenever our sponsor does well at anything we like to mention, it all the time anyway but the south point car is a, car that runs well and they're gonna be. Sponsoring here coming up. To the south point, four hundred, out. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway so, make? Your plans I believe that races, September two six so Mark that on your calendar right when football season going strong to it'll be going strong, two out of the Las Vegas. Motor Speedway and you say out the size and speed and that's what's in college football and everybody's going to have an opportunity this week to southeastern, conference kicked off last week With media day where all the coaches get together and, do all the talking in evaluation of official Anna canned. Officials start to the, coaches, in private meetings tell me about the rule. Changes what they're going to be looking, at the targeting what's the changes in targeting our they got interpret that as far as for the year the uniforms is far as are they going to enforce the pant rule where the. Pads cannot be up above the knee all the different things, that sorta got away from college football during the last couple of, years but they're going to bring it back. And of course the. Targeting rule is something, that they're, really. Going to have a lot of, discussion? On because it's changed so many, games and at different conferences do a lot of different as far as they've valuation of how it's supposed to, be called and I spent some, time the other night where the Pac twelve official former tight end and UNLV Darrell Johnson We were. Talking about how they're gonna turpitidinem and they've made some changes Chuck they're going to say that when you lunch Or what do you make an effort where it's. A paramedic clear that you're going to target the the ball carrier or the receiver then they're. Going to make the call so you still think, I still think that's a difficult call because of what the penalty is. As far as being it's a fifteen yard penalty thrown out of the game and the next half of the. Next game I think it's a pretty. Pretty severe penalty when it's so hard to make the determination of what's going on. But that's what happens at media day it isn't all just getting in there and talking about your team and your players there's. A lot, of things happening in the back room where they get their final final instructions from the Commissioner of, the officials director says think over the rules and everything before the coaches get. Ready to go off to camp and media Big chart as far as nationally there's so many different ways of doing it Interesting. You mentioned that because it's all about evaluation in film and doing what's best and I think that that's one of the things that I've learned in. Working with you over the years is that, you recreate we recruit great players you put him in position to be successful and then you do the best to make sure. That happens and not only is that something that happens on the football field it. Also happens off the field and I knew you you're a creature of. Habit you like to, do things coming up for, football season the right way as a head coach you have..

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