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This isn't like rick on running a straight line that you and i could hit with a crossbow i mean this is a dragging flying through the air i don't think you're going to be able to move that crossbow around the vehicle to hit a dragon that's breathing fire but you're more bullish on the dragon crossbow a little bit and i hate that i'm not i'm not bullish on the dragon crossbar with any sense of satisfaction i think that it it does feel a little weak but the more thought about the more i i don't think that it it comes completely out of nowhere as a symbol i think that there is something joffrey like to sirc's appearance and demeanor these days she is ruthless she's merciless her hair is super short right now she's wearing the throne she's she's wearing the crown rather she's on the iron thrown i think that there are some joffrey sensibilities to seriously these days and on top of that what was jeffrey's bay everett toy back when he was alive he loved his crossbow he loved using that thing so i think to give sursee this gigantic crossbow with which to potentially take out one of the most important factors on the show you've got to imagine that the dragons are going to be huge eventually both literally physically and in terms of their role in the war against the white walker's if you have sursee in place with this this this weapon that does have some resonance within the lancaster family ashy is becoming more and more like her eldest son i think that there is something to chew on there i think it would also be pretty weak.

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