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Well, and I want to say, I wanna say it was in two thousand three. I think they're the complete farside the very nice to volume set, but I'm just a fabulously produced what was published and throughout the complete farside. He includes letters to editors that were sent complaining about the far side or letters he received directly from fans asking him to explain panel like next to a panel, it'll just have a, you know, a letter. I don't understand this one and they give three possible interpretations. Please tell me what this is supposed to be. And he doesn't offer any explanation. He just puts the letters he was getting or the claims that we're going to newspapers a next to dozens, dozens of of his panels throughout the these, this two volume set. You get these random letters to the side where it's just people saying, again, like kind of like the couch was like what I want to know because I feel like this is saying something and I'm not getting it. None like your. Like you're saying breaded it's pre internet. So this was people taking the time off to cut out the panel, mail it to the newspaper editor officer directly to Gary Larson and include these questions, and I find really funny, he said, so you mentioned that there was a lot of controversy over different panels and Gary Larson in an interview. I think it was with twenty twenty said, yeah, all that controversy. That only happened because people didn't get the jokes. If they would have gotten the jokes, they would've laughed at it. And it's like, I think that just summed up all of all of human existence. If you if you get the joke, you're not upset about it. Also, I think it takes a special kind of person to knock it a joke and feel like I need to contact the creator of this joke directly and get an explanation. They owe that to me. Yeah. Yeah. You know, it's funny because we think that nowadays we are in a culture where everybody gets offended over everything, but to see these, these fairly simple drawings just to know that they sparked outrageous and public apologies and things like that were were supposed to be issued. It just kind of blows my mind. The another. One of the comics that stood out to me was one where it's got to. They look like chimpanzees and unattractive, and it's like a, it's a male and female. The females picking through the mails for and pulls out a blonde hair says, well, well, another blonde hair conducting a little more research with that Jane Goodall tramp. And you know, it's, it's, it's monkeys. It's the, he was being funny about it, and the Jane Goodall institute got really upset and demanded a public apology, which is funny because Gary Larson absolutely was a huge. Fan of Jane Goodall because of all of his biology background. And so he called the mother and just just for people who don't know, Jane Goodall was the woman who did a lot of research about chimpanzees. And she was like one of the most important people for like mapping their behaviors and stuff like that. So if you're if you're gonna ask someone to name an ape scientists, someone who's studied any member of the family. I think the only name anyone could possibly come out. Come up with would be Jane Goodall. Yeah. If you're not if you're not a specialist in that field for the common culture, like she represents scientists who studies Japan's apes monkeys like all the right, right. And so he called them to apologize in. He actually got all the way up to Jane Goodall. And apparently Jane Goodall had no idea that this comic had come out and when she read it, she just laughed and she thought it was hilarious. And so I mean, it's really interesting to see. I mean, I think these were kind of the first. I think these were pre internet versions of means right here. Simple sharable like, here's here's a Meam that the people can take completely out of context and get all upset about or just absolutely find hilarious. I don't know. We just find the father of the meme. We might have to think about that. So now I know that I mean came before the internet as it's something that existed before the internet, but I'm not exactly sure what the definition is. Any any input is is that when you want us to tell you the definition of, if you know it..

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