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Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski, Basketball discussed on Boston Herald Radio


'cause Cobb is heard a lot riding gains who the hell knows what's running. But for some reason, he's not. The belco running back he's in and out. And I don't know why McCarthy does end they've got no production from their big off season acquisition of Jimmy Graham. Absolutely nothing. You look at Jimmy grams numbers this year, they're pretty similar to gronkowski's numbers. And we're talking about how far gronkowski slipped Jimmy Graham. This year has twenty eight catches one less than rob gronkowski. He's averaging thirteen point two yards per reception. That's two yards less than gronkowski. And like gronkowski has one touchdown. So he's he's played at the same level as gronkowski this year. And by the way, he's not a blocker, rob gronkowski luck. So Dan's never been able to work better. Again. Maybe it's just a league wide thing. We're tight ends aren't producing other than maybe Travis Kelsey who's putting up big numbers. But then again in that Kansas City offense. I think just about this. This isn't going to work for the Packers with if they're going to get this sorted production. Jimmy Graham, I'm looking at a game rod of him to receptions, awful six for ninety five. That's good five for forty five. It's okay. Three for twenty one. Nope. Six for seventy six two good weeks and were six or seventy six and five one zero four it looks like he's turning the corner and then last week against the Rams their biggest game of the year. So far one catch for twenty one yards set up a touch on that was it. Yeah. So teams are trying to take him away figuring if they take them away or maybe he's just not the same player either bolts gronkowski and Bram came into the sport at the same time. Right. They came in in two thousand ten they're in the ninety year. They play a position where they get the hell beat out of them, especially when you're that big. Because oftentimes like shack, you can go after these guys, and you probably not going to get a flag because they're just bigger and stronger and more than you. So I think maybe these two guys are certainly on the back nine and actually staring at the clubhouse at this point. Maybe that's the case or maybe Sunday, they both come out and show us. Why? That there to all time. Great players. I mean, Graham's numbers his first seventy eight years in the league. We're just phenomenal. Sure. Yeah. Well, rob gronkowski Tom Brady outdoors. I get it. But still. I think it's disgusting. Dan has ever played with a bad quarterback? And then he went to Seattle. Russell wilson. No. I think gronkowski's about title question. He's been more productive offensively in terms of receptions. He's been not as durable as Graham. But again, there's a big difference between those two as blockers this hour of the rundown is being brought to you by Rockland. Trust Bank, the latest mobile technology with over eighty five branches Rockland trust Bank, where each relationship matters when we come back on the rundown last night's game was probably worse than we anticipated. Which led me to this poll question, which was a worse higher. Bobby Valentine in two thousand twelve by the Boston Red Sox or Jon Gruden is that the standard of terrible hires. Maybe a new standard. There must be. There must be like, you could probably do it for all four sports. Right. If you to be really falls hockey close under if a guy is going to be awful basketball, higher has been Canaan. He didn't last very long with the Spurs going. That's going back more result for now is Bobby Valentine in two thousand twelve that one Jon Gruden in two thousand looking good. Let us know at John sap twenty-five, which was worse that comes up. Next on the rundown. Because human genius has now destroyed the impediment of the terrestrial radio herald radio. Hi, this is Tom from Boston Herald radio as you know, if you've been listening to Boston radio at all my hot water heater broke, and it cost us a lot of money in my heart was broken dog cried. And I could afford to do is dream..

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Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski, Basketball discussed on Boston Herald Radio

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