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I think if I if I use the XL I would be in the exact same boat because I tested the smaller one though every time I pick up my pixel three I don't immediately want to throw it into the sea. I'm sorry. The accent was pretty well. I remember, I remember you, and you and I were choosing our devices, and you you're kind of adamant to whoever we were talking to like even small one. And I wanted to the large one I wanted to see what that large screen would be able to do if it would be that fun. And I'm happy to report that it is generally fund the fund screen even with that notch in. They're like I hide it using Acho notch though, let me just tell you that much Nacho now. Yeah. And you also don't have the penalty. I pay the price for the smaller phone because the battery doesn't last long at all small just like it never has the smaller pixel has never done. Well, but even then the XL I would not I would definitely not call it a long lasting fog. Isn't that? Crazy. You're not running any crazy. Extra software on it. You're running Google's pixel take on Android you in. It's doing this crazy ram management thing where it's closing apps in the background much more often than I think it should. And yet these things are not battery outperformers, it's. Very very strange to me. Yeah. Indeed. I if I remember correctly, the pixel didn't really make any of your words, did it it didn't as good as the pixel isn't as much as I genuinely do use. It all the time. It's this struck me as a year that Google really didn't excel in any particular respect outside of the camera, which is particularly which is already what we were expecting. Yeah. So it just seemed it just didn't really honestly, I didn't consider it for long at all. I sort of knew all along that. Now, this isn't really a year where the pixel shining. So indeed. Yeah, I I look back and the pixel two XL was far superior in audio quality. Will you mentioned that microphone? I just remember times David Immel shots out to David. He wants did a full voice over just using the pixel two XL didn't using a voice recorder there. I don't know if it would be I don't see why it would be different when she hit the record button in the camera. I imagine it wouldn't be difference. I would say probably the Mike's on the two are way better than the ones on the three. So I don't know it's really odd. But that is that is probably the most appointing part is that the audio sound so bad. So I agree with you. It probably would not it would get the dual wielder award in my case. But I don't think it would actually fit any of the other categories like the ones that you had right? What was the one that you did? Okay. So just kind of waving my hand up here. You can see that rings are now a thing. And I'm trying to remember what was the Ortho that you that you gave this particular ring you are wearing these. This was one of three awards that was classified under the stay mobile mobile. That's right. And basically I just picked that name because that's the catchphrase, and but this was category focused on non phones. Okay. So that's why it was one of the same level awards. It's just the best of the non phone stuff that I thought stood out this here for me. It was the motive smart ring Chhaya wearing right now as well. I'm wearing its competitor the aura, and we we were throwing around if you different terms because we were kind of comparing our rings over dinner the other night, and it's like this is the ring for Finnish trackers and miring. The aura is the ring for the bio hacker, and he like scoffed at me. Yes. I got the bio hacker openly guffawed into my stick. Bio hackers. I mean, I I have to say that the motive does do a lot of things. Really? Well, it definitely takes the fitness tracker. And puts it into a form factor that makes perfect sense. And it's something that you would quite literally wear all the time because it's that unintrusive. On the other hand. It's also good looking to it is pretty good looking as well. Yes. You should have seen the original or a ring. Yeah. Go lump huge little thing..

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