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Where can you pick up both ice cream? And Ice Skates Electric toothbrushes and Electric Guitar AMPs at Walgreens. That's because you can now pick up your Fedex packages right where you shop. This holiday is helping you take more control of your deliveries to send your packages to a Fedex pickup location at walgreens and. Don't worry about being home to receive them with over eight thousand locations across the country. You can find one convenient to you visit Fedex dot com slash holiday guide to learn more welcome to bring install a production of IHEART radio. Hey brain stuff lauren. Vogel bomb here properly deep. Frying Turkey can make you a hero of your next next holiday dinner when done right. A deep fried Turkey is a juicy crispy alternative to roasted which can be easily overcooked or undercooked however deep frying involves cooking with a large amount of very hot oil. That's why it must be executed with caution and precision. You need to plan your Turkey fries. Several as an advance for reasons of both safety and flavor. And even if you're never planning on doing this perhaps because like me you injure yourself pan frying food. Hopefully you'll find. The process is fascinating as I do. But okay before you even start thinking about frying. Get all the equipment you could possibly need together including a fire extinguisher. Safer use on oil fires because you never know also you'll need a few aluminum roasting pans kitchen towels tongs things and both a meat thermometer and oil thermometer. Plus make sure you have a hook to lower and lift the Turkey into and out of the oil. This is not a hands on kind of project. Also be sure that you have a safe spot for frying a flat and fireproof surface. Not your wooden deck please and planned to have someone someone stay with the Turkey the entire time it's in the Fryer and decide how you will discard the used oil ahead of time. You can save it for reusing or throw it away in a disposable container container once it's cooled or check with your local government lots of cities and municipalities have disposal or even recycling programs for cooking oil. Just don't pour it down any of your drains the once. You're all prepped. You can proceed to step one choosing your Turkey. You're going to want to opt for smaller Turkey. You want a bird. That's about a quarter due to a third of the size of your fryers. PUTT that will leave plenty of room for the oil to completely surrounded. The bird wants you submerge. It attended twelve pound Turkey. That's about four and a half after five and a half kilos is a good size for most outdoor friars make a note of the Turkeys. Wait a plan to FRY Turkey for three to three and a half minutes per pound step one be after you get your bird home and before you do anything else but it in your fire pot and fill the pot with water just to the point that it covers the bird remove the Turkey and then mark the water level. That's the level to which you'll want to add oil when it comes time for frying okay step to thaw oil and brine the Turkey Dumping Rosenberg and hot oil composite explosion so be sure to allow enough time to completely thaw out your Turkey. It's it's easiest to throw on the fridge. Over the course of a few days you can even keep it in its original packaging and just plop it in one of those roasting pans to catch the juice but for how long you want to allow twenty four hours of time per every five pounds or two kilos of Turkey. Wait if you're working with the aforementioned ten to twelve pound Turkey that'll fit most outdoor fryers. That means you're looking at about two full days or forty eight to fifty hours to be precise during the final eighteen to twenty four Hours of putting or once. It's totally thought if you like. It's time to start wet broadening your Turkey because when you fry Turkey you won't be able to stuff the cavity with aromatics like you can. When you roast one and any rubs fresh herbs on or under the skin would wash away or burn but Brian gives you an opportunity to flavor the meat before cooking cooking it and to tender is it? There are lots of recipes for Brian's on the Internet but the basic is one and a half cups of salt and a cup of sugar dissolved a gallon of water farrar metric friends. That's about three hundred and sixty milliliters of salt and two hundred and forty milliliters of sugar in about three point seven liters of water you can also also at herbs or spices. Check out a few recipes and see what sounds good once made refrigerate the Brian until it's forty degrees Fahrenheit that's four degrees Celsius or colder then placed the Turkey and a brining bag or large pot. Poor the Brian in end-seal or cover Brian for eighteen to twenty four hours in the fridge. What's happening during the step? Is that through the power of Moses. The meat absorbs some of the liquid and the Salt de Nature's proteins in it proteins are these is big folded up messes of molecules like necklaces. That have somehow merged while sitting in your jewelry box or a like a string after your cat or child has gotten to it. Salt relaxes some proteins. Making muscle fibers less tough and letting water molecules and anything else. That's in the water. Move in and hang out but but then because he want the effects of the Brian Without that extra moisture we come to step three. Drying the Turkey after your bird is Brian for eighteen to twenty four four hours. You want to let it dry out. This stuff takes an entire day but it helps create a crisp skin by preventing the skin from steaming during the FRY so clear shelf in your fridge and place a drying rack in or over a large shallow roasting pan remove the Turkey from the brine discard. The Brian had the Turkey dry. And place the Turkey on on top of the rack. And let it drip dry in the fridge uncovered for twenty four hours then step three. It's time to FRY remove the Turkey from the fridge. uh-huh place it in a clean aluminum pan and let it sit at room temperature for thirty to sixty minutes. This'll help the Turkey. Cook faster and more evenly. Meanwhile set up your fryer according to the manufacturer's instructions at your oil just to the fill line that you marked previously peanut oil corn oil canola cottonseed safflower soybean and sunflower. Our Oil. Are All good options. Follow the instructions for bringing the oil up to the proper frying temperature which is three hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit or one hundred seventy six degrees Celsius using your hook very slowly submerged the Turkey into the hot oil about a quarter of the time and wait one to two minutes between each move lowering. The Turkey slowly allows the oil to better maintain the proper frying temperature remember. The cool bird will lower the oil temperature. So Oh you want to give the oil time to heat back up to the optimal temp. If you submerge the Turkey too fast the temperature of the oil may drop below freezing temperature and then you'll just be boiling oiling. The Turkey and oil frying seals in the juices boiling releases. THEM FRY the Turkey for about three to three and a half minutes per pound until the internal arnold temperature is one hundred and sixty degrees Fahrenheit or seventy one degrees Celsius the. USDA instructs us to Cook Poultry to one hundred sixty five degrees Fahrenheit or seventy three Celsius. But but when you take your Turkey out one sixty degrees it will continue to cook from the residual heat a phenomenon that chess sometimes call carry over cooking. If you leave your Turkey in the oil oil all the way until it reaches one sixty five it will continue cooking and reach a final temp above that. Maybe one hundred and seventy degrees Fahrenheit or seventy six degrees Celsius and the Turkey. Eighty will be dry when you do remove the Turkey from the friar with your hook transfer it to a clean. Aluminum Roasting Pan to allow it to drain the moments after your Turkey comes out of the friar a good opportunity to add extra flavor a lot of cooks like to sprinkle a dry rub on the bird at this point finally step for rest both you and the Turkey. This is perhaps the most important step for juicy Turkey. Once the Turkey has done loosely. Cover it with foil and let it rest for at least thirty thirty minutes before you carve it. Basically you want to allow them meet of the Turkey to cool down as it cooks the muscle fibers in meat firm up pushing juices outward heard by resting the Turkey or upstate for that matter. You're letting those fibers relax and allowing juices inside to redistribute if you carpet too early. The juices will flow out and and your Turkey again. We'll be dry once you've led the Turkey rest. Harv as usual and enjoy your feet..

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