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Toll free eight seven seven five nine oh five five two five we have six confirmed cases of cold nineteen here in the Austin area as we speak and we have done prior in a self quarantine at his home I don't have it it's not clear I don't have it no you don't you don't yourself for G. they'll just just in isolation measures to extreme isolation I I at least I have no symptoms and whatever the incubation incubation period is so far so good you do some little congestion that's that's the Paula that Paula and how do you know how do you know what what are you trying to insinuate that maybe I do have it now I'm what I'm saying is you don't know well I don't know you can have you checked with your doctor you've been tested yet which is well known that they're encouraging you please in fact my doctor there they don't have the tests they don't get the test they're not giving the test and the only way you can do it at least in Austin right now for the most part is go sit in an ER right which which is which is like it which is really bad a dirty Petri dish I don't want you to do that no they don't want you to come in if you don't have symptoms they don't want to come in and and and so I'm just laying low as much as I can understand understand what the CDC is not recommending that we postpone all gatherings and events that have fifty people or more well that pretty much shut down every bar and restaurant in town pretty much I'm trying to think of some big events I mean all the big events and concerts and things like that sporting events of all been canceled no school stuff it's spring break as well so a lot of these things are going to be closed anyway but you know that the thing that stands out to me is weddings this coming Saturday there's probably hundreds and hundreds of wedding scheduled in central Texas alone and it's probably not a good idea to get married this weekend what don't don't don't tell people not to get married what I'm looking but at the CDC has said it not me I mean if you got grandma aunts and uncles that are flying in from all over the country to get them all together hugging and kissing I think the CDC would say Hey you might want to do your wedding without the audience this time yeah yeah right or don't have your grandparents there so now we ask if you but yeah I guess there's probably nothing there's there's not anything that involves people that won't be affected in some way if the if it involves a human being there's some kind of connect incineration right now and the big thing is most people don't understand how it affects them directly and so there's that's that adds to all the confusion all of the fine I feel fine I can go to the G. B. that's fine right you know you have to I mean if you if the there has to be some kind of life going on on apps and and and I'm not saying don't go to restaurants either I I would I would encourage you right now to go out and support local business and small business in any way you possibly can so just be smart about it but also be smart about it if you do go to that restaurant you're under fifty be sure to have to go you you you may not want to come in contact with anybody you like your parents your grandparents listened go sell Rancho but don't double dip your chips you have your own Bob on your own plate should be doing anyway I mean they should be doing that yeah and and and continue to store the Bob that's fine but just be mindful don't double dip your chips here is some of the sounds of people all the experts yesterday morning at camp last night talking about covert nineteen we are at a critical inflection point in this country people we are where Italy was two weeks ago in terms of our numbers and we have a choice to make as a nation do we want to go the direction of South Korea and really be aggressive and lower mortality rates or do we want to go direction of Italy there you go that's our US Surgeon General of the United states Dr Jerome Adams in and yet here we go which spreads very easily there's no doubt about that it's brand new so we don't have any prior experience about what it's going to do what it's ten AM X. going to be to think that right now everything's gonna be okay if you don't do anything yes that's absolutely incorrect we have never for a virus like this with this potential consequence we have to do test we have to get the testing kids up and ready I would have the World Health Organization I take advantage of the test kits they have available to us even though the president says a million or more coming let's just get all the tests we can done the time for persuasion and public appeals is over the time for action is here we need to get economic relief to the people that are impacted by this workers that need to be home and small and medium sized businesses will get paid we need to stop panicking here okay there's no there's no shortage of food in this country people don't need to go to the store and fight over bottled water or toilet paper yeah but that is happening I mean we're told don that we shouldn't gather in groups of fifty but I can almost guarantee you right this very minute there's more than fifty people standing outside of every H. E. B. in Austin right now why are they doing in line for the doors to open at eight o'clock stop it people feeling into that that fear that you're seeing all the mainstream media I mean you don't even you know do you don't need to take some precautions but just wait until eight o'clock when the store opens to go there let me ask you why white paper products white white paper do they do they do they think that that but if you do get to get to a corona virus or is Bernie Sanders called it a bola right that if it makes you poop every thirty seconds I guess hi some restaurants in town they can do that exactly you don't if you know the thing is I learned the thing is I never knew how often I touched my face until they told me not to touch my face yes I hope I hope they don't tell me not to touch my **** on show if you own a car or a house you know shopping for insurance is a mind numbing process that feels like it takes forever but you need to have that insurance and I want you to stop over paying for it you can get a lower rate for the exact same coverage you already have with the help from Gabby dot com that's G. 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