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Eric. I wanna think. I talked to an infectious disease expert on my streaming show and she was saying you know what i would hope they would do is. Let's start streaming start. Straddling the risk in other words. If everyone over seventy is having breakthroughs that are bad they all get the third rung. Everyone under forty is either not breaking through her breaking through mile leap. Don't give them a third one interesting. That would make sense. Yeah we're not into that. No we're not doing that stuff. That's luck you don't need it because you've already been infected. And i saw studied said it was about thirteen times. But i'm just more worried about like what what's what's what's the mandating of it. I i that someone. I've heard from the hospital. It's more for the money from the government and then they have a certain level of people that are back can be stupid and liar. I'm now i'm now realizing and stupid and liar to lose. But so here's here's the thing you know i think so there's this thing through there's a there's a whole camp you know. Just put the mask on it. It just get the shot go of already been infected in the mass doesn't work just do it. Why what's what's all arguing like. Why can't you just do it. And that's their so basically for nine percent affect your argument is. I don't need to or doesn't do anything. And their argument is who cares. Just doing which first off. What if you're walking down the street. And i said you. I want you to walk around that telephone poll twice and then you went What now. I just do it. You went wine. I just do it and then you want how come. And then i went in the time we've been talking about it. You could have been around the telephone pole twice and on your way. Don't you wanna get on your way. It's like yeah okay. But i still need a logical reason if i natural immunity is quite a bit higher than the immunity. I get from the shot. And i've already had it then..

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