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Other and you couple that with a couple of more key fourthdown calls in this game because we remember the end around but it was pointed out again by dan glaviano that fourthdown throw to zakar it's in a tight window zack urged to be warrior on third down for this team all led to this point all led to again pointing back the doug peterson and this isn't to take away from what nick falls did this isn't to try and make a lesser anything that nick falls accomplish and all this because i think that's a pretty cemented legacy at this point i know phillie fans are going to get those beers for free coming up on parade day but i have a feeling nick falls is getting get a lot more than that for free for his remainder the time in that city licked full going to the only guy to erase a 27 touchdown to interception season completely from memory with his performance down the stretch in this game drone for 373 three touchdowns and interception catching for another one the only person to throw four and catch a quarterback in catch touchdown in super bowl history that is a big deal for a guy that didn't think he was going to be playing football even going forward a guy who threw it all just played within himself and found a way to win befell good on you never really know what is going to be like when you're going to survive never been every four so there there there are normal nerves your got butterflies i mean it's a big game i don't get any bigger and this so i feel good i felt calm i think the big thing that helped me was knowing that in a three superman i of an amazing teammates amazing coaches around me in order to do was just go play as hard as i could employ for one another ploy for those guys and a you know not look at the scoreboard not look at the time just go out there and play don't worry about it and he did just that and doug peterson is gonna get credit for aggressive play calling but i think deserves just as much for just.

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