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It's called forever. I think it comes out September fourteenth. Just put up Mark on that. Okay. I've started watching to shows screeners for two shows, which is unlike Alison is not something I usually do, and they're both interesting for different reasons, and I'm sure the people we'll talk about them quite a bit when they come around. The first is kidding, which I know Allison is also seen a bit of which is Jim Carey's I guess, return. I returned to television since in living color. It's a sensually a show about what would happen if Mr. Rogers had a nervous breakdown, and it's very interesting performance episodes of your directed by Michelle Gandhari. It's a, it's a choice. You know, it has a show with real style and a real point of view, and it's definitely not going to be for everybody, but it's an amazing cast. It's Franklin Gela. It's Catherine keener. It's really a high level Judy Greer with an actual part as an actual person for a change. So that's really good. And then the other one is maniac, which is Cary Joji Fukunaga's TV show is also his first TV show since true detective starring Jonah hill and Emma. Stone, and I've only seen two zones. Mixed back so far? Definitely one of the best looking television shows I've ever seen, but also very hard to understand gaffe and I'm very curious to see if he will stick with that one. Yeah. Would you say it's a vibe not on similar to sharp objects? You know, it's not so much mood as it is like a text book. You know, there's a lot of information to draw together so like sharp objects, you could watch it and just let it flow over you. This is a show that you got to keep your eye on the ball all the time, which is a different kind of viewing experience specially with a streaming show. I think that the show that I'm most curious about, I am looking forward to it alive, talked about this is Romanoff's. I just I, the idea of him doing an anthology that's loosely tied together. I've starting to get a little bit frustrated by some of the like preordained limitations. People are putting on their shows, whether it's like it's an anthology series or it's a limited series. And there never really end the Haji limited series. If one thing in it seems to click, I think, obviously it's been awhile since we've heard from him both artistically, but publicly talking about some of the things that transpired in the in in on the production of of madmen. And I'm kind of curious to hear about that. I'm curious to see about how that is discussed in the context of the show, but I'm mostly fascinated because obviously I have tremendous amount of affection for madman, and I've pretty much affection for every single person on Romanoff's in terms of in front of the camera town, some kind of just I can't see it. Yeah, I agree. I think the conversation around that show is going to be really tricky. I certainly don't really know how to handle it. I think that's probably common. I as interested, the show itself. What I'm probably most excited for to see Matthew winder with a real. Budget? Yeah, like madman for both like where they were filming reasons and just pure budget reasons. Like literally never went outside. Yeah. I mean, one block of like the, you know, the plaza hotel would be in the back what they were able to do with that budget was really incredible. But this was like seventy million dollars and filmed all over the world and like looks like a million bucks. And I think it'll be really interesting if like if the caliber of the resources matches the caliber of the writing, I think there's a lot of potential there. I had a very unfair reaction to the trailer, even though I am very excited about it and concerned about what the discourse around it is going to be in how will grapple with it. But I just wish it was a period piece which is just not fair. But I know that Matthew under knows how to make a bang-up period piece, and I'm not sure based on the one feature film he made that he knows how to make something about contemporary times. That's a, that's a very fair criticism. And this movie is obviously set in contemporary times, and I'm sure there will be some historical, Russian actual Romanoff stuff that goes on..

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