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I think Woodson Be a lock. I don't know. If Megatron is I You know, but the respect is there just like for Berry. I still I look at Megatron and very and between them. One playoff when Calvin Johnson the best athletic specimen, not the greatest wide receiver. I mean, tougher. Never Won a playoff game. Was part of a winning team. Not even a home playoff game. So between Barry and Calvin. You were the best ever at their position. One playoff win between them. Yeah, Amazing. We'll talk about Michigan and Penn State College football this weekend. Chris Ballas for the wolverine dot com The Michigan Insider. He was joining us on the draft Kings gas sign. Hi doing, Chris? Hey, Billy. Doing great, buddy. You think what sin is? Ah, is in the Hall of Fame. This is without doubt s O the records that he sent it. That's what he said at that position and how he changed it. Now he made an impact. The day he got there and with different teams. I don't think there's any question he's a lock and a very well deserved honor. Hopefully, hopefully hopefully we'll be able to have these receptions here. If the virus gets under control, where they can honor these guys in person to man's getting old watching these things from afar. I'll tell you that I'm looking at locks of Peyton Manning Woodson. Maybe Jared Allen help putting that mixes a lot, possibly bacilli. Maybe Leroy Butler. I don't know about Megatron D Thank you. There could be some love for him just because he was so damn good. Yeah, And I think that's you know, it's not his fault that he plays for the crappiest organization in the history of empty. That's what I said about the death. We must be honest man. It's like the luck of the draw on and you know, like, guys cringe when they find out they're going to the Detroit Lions on draft day, you know, so I hate to say it, but it's a fact that guy was outstanding. He'll be in there. I don't know if he'll be a if you get in this time or what, but eventually he'll be He'll be in there and he deserves to be. Yeah. So I look at that. If he gets in, I know would sit in man in our mind, you know, surefire locks and well known, said in February It's move on. Let's talk about this Michigan football team against winless Penn State it It's the chance to kind of put together a win streak. You know, back to back after holding on to get Rutgers but also if they would lose two winless Penn State. Here comes more heat on hardball. Yeah, and there are two point favorite for a reason. Penn State's got some talent. They're kind of like Michigan. They've got talent, but they don't play together. They've had some major injury.

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