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That. To be a professional athlete at any level. It is a privilege. It is not a right. And you are precariously at a point where you may be losing it. This latest incident putting his 5 year contract potentially worth over $200 million in jeopardy. This comes just two months after that first suspension. And for that incident, grant did not face any criminal charges. That's ABC's elwyn Lopez. It is four 50 on this Monday morning and time now for your money update brought to you by stock charts dot com. From ABC News, Wall Street now, futures pointing toward a muted open on Wall Street Monday, but it's possible markets will become more reactive with each passing day that a deal on the debt ceiling remains outstanding. President Biden over the weekend signaling optimism about the possibility of getting a deal with congressional Republicans done, the sticking point remains over whether Democrats and Republicans can find common ground on spending cuts, talks likely to resume on Tuesday. Asian shares mostly lower though Tokyo's benchmark has gained in a bounce back from last week when stocks were driven lower by concerns about a possible recession. The commerce department will release retail sales data for the month of April on Tuesday, analysts expecting to see that sales improved last month looking for a .8% increase over march. The Philadelphia inquirer experiencing what the newspaper is calling a cyberattack affecting its print operations so much that it was unable to print its Sunday edition. Mark remould, ABC News. Right now, futures look actually pretty high at the moment, the Dow Jones futures up one 25 at 33,480 S&P futures are up 15, and the NASDAQ futures are up 35 your

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