President Trump, Christopher Brennan, Jay Inslee discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Over teacher from Richmond has been sentenced, and I hanging scandal that has come to be known as celeb- gate the story from W R V as Matt DEM line. Christopher Brennan sentences thirty four months, which was agreed to as part of a plea deal. Brennan hacked, according to the feds more than two hundred people some students and teachers some celebrities the celebrity photos made their way out into the broader internet Hanover scores placed on leave once they learned he was being investigated. And then let Brandon go was able to get into accounts by using phishing emails or by researching social media dancer security questions met them. Why NewsRadio W R area activist has filed a federal complaint alleging GRET routing changes went rolled out. The rapid transit line between markets landing and will Alon last June disproportionately hurt African Americans Amari L Qadhafi has filed a complaint with the federal transit administration's office of. Civil rights out Qadhafi tells the times dispatch that it was g RTC's recent move that service to the Fulton neighborhood, which is predominantly black as the reason for the timing of his complaint. The company's board of directors is considering using savings from the service cuts defaulted to expand routes in the city's West End, which is predominantly white. President Trump is tweeting about a book that is one time picks and personal lawyer Michael Cohen was reportedly pitching before getting into trouble with the feds ABC's. Lana Zak is at the White House. President Trump is claiming that a manuscript for a book that Michael Cohen wrote a year ago was a quote love letter to Trump. The president tweets quote book is exact opposite of his fake testimony. Which is now a ally news of the manuscript was posted by the Daily Beast back in February of last year. But following a report test out by the Daily Mail. The president is now calling on congress to demand the manuscript titled Trump revolution from the tower to the White House understanding, Donald J Trump Washington state governor, Jay. Ensley is latest candidates to toss his hat into the twenty twenty presidential race ABC, Sherry Preston says he's focusing on one issue in particular, unless you're from the Pacific northwest. You might not recognize the name Jay Inslee. But he says you certainly know about the issue. He's championing we're.

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