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I guess we'll actually breathing out. I trying to i might confuse myself. I to keep it there before. I i go off the rails and my next question is just as a good element list. It's when you will get a squad Simple it's not simple but it's an example of right. The ability to change levels into express. A full squad is going to be indicative of visibility to go from two back the Or er to your and then to reverse that process on the way up. So into a deep squat and the ability to sit into a you know a Heels full squad shows you a lot about this person's tendencies biases right because if again from media's the example can't break parallel read. I can't even get to parallel when we first started this and and what. You're looking at this overwhelming impressive strategy. That is literally turned my ass. Tabula out the side. Right and not allowed me to express the internal rotation through the middle range of hip flip chin than i need to move through that and then we can't even talk about expressing the counter mutation and installation strategy necessary to get all the way to a bottom of squad which is again inhalation and expansive strategy in order to sit all the way down you have to be able to descend the pelvic diaphragm and bush guts..

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