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Major charles hodge's is finally able to see his way through the chaos. Hodges has been at the camp now for two days running. His special forces unit trying to coordinate rescue efforts seen with his own eyes. How amazing it is that an entire country has come together to rescue the voice. He has no doubt of the authentic bravery in honor of all the seals and the government rescuers and officials however he also sees that there is a need for his team. Specific skill set here. Major hodges knows how to filter out the noise and create workable razor. Sharp action plans now. The belgian diver has bush passed the t junction with a guide rope. It's time to take action late in the afternoon. On june thirtieth august calls together group of top notch experts to meet in a far corner of the camp. He wants to talk to them. Forming a shadow planning operation to find the boys and get them out. There's the british type including rick stanton and john von thin two of the best cave divers in the planet who know firsthand had to get into and out of the cave with bodies on their back. Vernons world foremost tom. Luanne cave expert. Who has tirelessly searched for alternate routes in and the thai water guru tonic. Nazi hodges has come to admire on. Its work ethic and the ideas and then of course is team of special forces as everyone. Settles in august tries to speak over the roar of the rains outside. Look i know some of you are still trying to figure what we do exactly. Let me tell you. Three hundred and fifty third identifies problems and then gets all the necessary players together in the same room. We searched for solutions using available manpower and equipment. We've all seen the harp tie. Rescue workers have but no one is coordinating this thing from a bird's eye view we don't have time for disorganization so let's start looking at different angles and come up with solutions gentlemen. You're here to help you do what you do but efficiently. There is a positive as the men taken this info but soon hodges sees that his outline of three hundred and fifty third capabilities is working for talks attendant who shares his info was sergeant anderson. They shared topographical maps and charts. Illest options for saving the boys and then ranked them by risk. Most dangerous to the least in which you're most likely to be met with success. They talk about possible outcomes for each scenario. The most of all they are talking. The shadow teams rescue. Plan has.

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