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Yeah i mean. It's the maintenance tomatoes tomatoes we here for. We hear you said. I'm so and it doesn't extend you right or does it extend because this is supposed to be your last fight. We here for the smoke to answer the answer to smoke. We hear that you see what i'm saying right so it's going to be half the population that might say. Oh you want how the fortuna instead of horizontal norris when maury lenora beat luke campbell or illinois drop. Low machiko right. Then it'll be the other half that will say how the for tunis rugged tough and all that. listen we're in a position where either one of them right either one of them definitely definitely and when do you think you will know Something definite on whether it's not as or fortuna tuna or it's not wearing the gym every day when it's windy gym every day and what we want what we want it to be established is that in the w. for to sam sampson eastern nocco. Titian the guy that we wanna fight team office this right. Lenore s cannot evan. Haney cannot or here in the middle of the smoke. We hear a great fighters good fighters great fighters pizza the name. What a piece of that world championship belt right. And that's what. That's the message that i'm driving. That's what i'm talking about. So whoever we fight next You know you guys need to call tier fema lopez on his bullshit right. You need to call out wine. Garcia bullshit right. Because that's that's what we're here for to repeat to represent as a champion to the best in the division but to be considered a world champion is all shit broke. Were not just able to worcester work in day. Not as fi bill. What's the working day for the leonardus. We haven't got a date yet. You know what. I'm saying. But i think in april we haven't got unofficial date like the date but we gotta roundabout into april beginning of may and you never answered. If that's going to extend your contract..

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