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Prepare shift speed fasten seat belts yes sure and these two congressmen similar and siegel are dead set against it and they refer to the president's reelection as a lonely landslide because the rest of the party wasn't able to benefit from his victory that term lonely landside is a real one ally mentioned it was a it was used for the clinton reelection in nineteen ninety six but the lonely landside was also a term used for nixon's reelection back in nineteen seventy two seventy two where he just crushed i mean he had he won five hundred twenty electoral votes that year but despite that democrats actually gained seats in the senate and larry great in this episode yes and ed gets them no yeah gets a big old kiss the president gets larry's name right and so you know i feel like it's almost as good as a kiss from cj win win to big episodes for both of them yeah without any confusion or jokes he says larry will you go tell them at feel like so often their job is to be looking things up and then throwing out terrible ideas right i do like the cj kisses ed moment with both the beaming smile from peter tim smith and his reaction i was the one who said at first very funny it's a great moment i want those to be stuck cast in more things together yeah i agree world needs more about those actors together you mentioned the donna stuff with josh that might be my favorite part of this whole episode it's a little thing but i love the idea that donna wants to take on more responsibility and then immediately given the chance and then she does it i mean if the west wing is an idealistic show that to me is sort of the best form of its idealism and it also just in terms of character development that's a really great moment for that character you know and it just spells the potential future donna can have.

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