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So mike. You know it's a big deal. I mean i think people get excited. maybe windows seven was the last time we really got excited us. Ten was a good thing. But i i don't the people jump up and down. Windows eight was so horrible. People hate it so much that I think some people actually soured on windows at that point it was. They were trying to jama shoehorn tablet operating system into a desktop operating system windows a ten fixed all that smooth it out and i wouldn't have very nice. There's some debate about whether it's as good as windows seven. But i think most people agree that you know the great versions of windows were windows. Two thousand remember that one windows seven and And windows ten and windows. Ten microsoft said this. The last one is that we're gonna stick with forever so get it and you won't ever have to pay for an upgrade. So now they lied. Here's windows eleven. I don't will you have to pay for it. Known that would be a bit of a sticky wicket. Eighty s is the phone number. If you wanna talk high tech. I would love to talk tech with eight. Eight eight eight two seven five five three six. That's the number toll free from anywhere in the us or canada outside that area. You could still reach us. Just use use skype out Eight thousand eight hundred. Eighty eight leo website. When you hear something on the show and you say i gotta write that down. You don't have to write it down. Maybe flattering myself. Maybe won't say that. But if you in case you do case you say oh. I'd like to remember that It's all being written for you In as it were into the clay tablets by our official scribe. Mr james rufo will put those tablets up on the website. That's tech guy. Labs dot com tai chi labs dot com and It's free up. I don't. I'm not plugging it to get you to sign up it's just It's just what it is. It's there for you in.

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