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From ABC news I'm Sherry Preston is some Democrats in the Senate are demanding access to hundreds of thousands of documents records. From supreme court nominee bread Kavanagh's work with the George W, Bush White House. Citing executive privilege the Trump administration says it won't. Release them ABC's Kenneth Moton is at the White House with more confirmation hearing set for Brett Cavanaugh, sources say Cavanaugh who underwent intense Mark hearings is not expected to offer any commitment to recuse himself from cases involving investigations of President Trump in the past cavenaugh advocated that sitting presidents should be free from the. Distractions of investigation confirmation hearings, begin, on Tuesday Arizona Senator John McCain will be laid to rest this afternoon at a private service on the grounds of the US naval academy among those eulogizing McCain on Saturday at the National, Cathedral in Washington, the senator's. Daughter Megan McCain we gather here to mourn the passing of American greatness The. Real thing not cheap rhetoric from, men who will never come. Near the. Sacrifice he gave so willingly McCain's funeral procession stopped at the Vietnam memorial in Washington on Saturday McCain visited there. Often during his time in the Senate first responders are still, searching for at. Least one person still missing the Colorado river after. Two boats collided last night ABC's Marci Gonzales says a dozen people were hurt that search for those, twelve injured people in the water was especially challenging because this happened in the dark just after sunset around eight o'clock last night and this happened on the Colorado river in Milwaukee regional park that's your California's border. With Arizona the waterway was, packed, with people celebrating the holiday weekend the current was so strong rescuers say they found survivors as far as five miles from the crash scene the Netherlands will keep its terror threat level at, four out of, five following. The stabbing of two Americans the city's main railway station Aretha Franklin's relatives still sorting out her estate she left. Behind four sons but no will, you're listening to ABC news Have you ever thought about saying goodbye to your job just walking into your boss and, saying I quit and how would.

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