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Chris plank? Welcome. Funny Sunday night into Monday morning on the east coast. So I've been getting blown up Arne because I buried the lead on the show tonight. Well, I mean, I don't know if we agree on what the lead is. But they're telling me that they need your take on what's going on with Odell Beckham the giants and their new coach and whether or not Pat Shurmur took the right approach in his press conference, and whether or not Odell Beckham junior who in the eyes of some is just showing leadership is truly out of his bleeping mind. Misnomer. He let the ball hit him in the leg. So they get a free seven points out of that thing that that was just horrible. What are you doing? Why are you blocking a guy if you're not gonna catch the ball? And I know you want to block them. So you think the ball's going to go in the end zone. Stop it. Just stop it. All right. What do you get the hell out of the way? Instead, you just gave them seven you might as well just said, hey, let's just before we start the game, which is making seven nothing. And let's let's pick it up from here. I how do you do something like that? I mean, it was the biggest was egregious that you made it ever like that. Well, not just that Arnie. But let's let's listen quick. Tried to talk about the game. Here we need the drama outside of the game. Okay. What are you doing? This is a sports show Arnie. We don't talk about the game anymore. I mean, more of his comments on ESPN, which allegedly he doubled down. I shouldn't say allegedly which he doubled down on the impact Shurmur tried to shut everyone down. I mean is this is shocking because it's Odell. But you thought you might have made them kind of settled down a bit because you paid them all that money, and it wouldn't be fun unless you add some drama in New York, right? Of course, not that's what it's all about. But you know, what the HAMAs are you gonna have your one in four. We writ you off. I that that was it. That was the whole season was on the line, and they made a sixty three yard at a beach a whole seasons on the line and a sixty three yard or beach. I mean, you you kid you can't even write that in the movies. That's like watching little giants or something like that in the movie theater and they get like the big fat kid kick eighty yard. Field goal or something discussed the got a big wind and some angel carrying it through the through the uprights. That's what that's what the movies like. Well, are you calling Graham Gano fat is that what you just did on this show? Here's the thing though, is what can what can you really do if you're the giants? I mean, you you you just you gotta let him go. Right. And I I I mean, it's not like you can condemn his comments, which by the way, I thought the interview was incredible. Because there's three people in the interview and one dude is just destroying his quarterback. And everyone was just kind of sitting there looking at him whenever stake in place. But I I liked what our buddy rich Orrin burger tweeted earlier today before he hit the Mark Willard. He said Odell Beckham junior's most recent comments are expected and have been encouraged. He was like this before the big payday, and now he's paid think about it. If your toddler has a tantrum and you hand him ice cream problem solved. I mean, they give them all this money. And now he's creating even bigger new since he's creating a bigger nooses. But as he so much wrong your team's one in four. You think you'd be creating this type of problem if the team didn't get off like this. I mean, let's be honest. It's frustrating. We thought this was going to be the judge is considering that the vision is just open for anybody to take other than the giants right now. You really why are you creating this pillowy landing spot for Odell Beckham junior on this? I thought you would be the future the giants not UI manning. I agree. I mean, it's just it's an interesting way to approach it right to go in. Now, you had all your veterans come out Damon Harrison said that he wasn't going to talk about it because it was handled internally Ryan Collins claim that he didn't even know what people were talking about it. But that Obama Odell came to talk to them that he spoke from the heart. So I don't know. I guess I guess you're right. Just if you're not happy with your situation, just go to the media and Dr Custer coaching your quarterback. Right. Thought we love why they should just keep quiet. So we should that. Who's the one that gave the the Denver guy says, well, it's something bigger than that. We'll just leave it at stop Barney. That's a defensive lineman. This is back in Georgia. What if you do damn if you don't we're allowed the guy that says, it's bigger than it's its internal? And we'll leave it at that. So we don't know what he's talking about old. Dell speaks out. You're like what does he do what we get out of it that way either which way do you want it that big boy for me personally? I have no problem with them. Call it everyone out. I will say seeing my boy sterling Shepard fighting a trash can today was one of the highlights of my day, so far I don't I don't know. What's going on in that receivers room with the New York Giants right now? But it's I thought it was pretty cool. I'll leave it this because you're going to you become in your thirteen jersey del Beckham's center, which is cool on right now. But this is going to become the hot take spitting story of the week, you watch he is going. You're going to have to be if you're going gonna live on Twitter this week, only, you are going to absolutely be having to defend your guy all week long because people are gonna crush them for this. But you know, what I dug about it? He didn't hide he went and he told his team and he apologized, he apologized or not. But at least they claimed that it was from the heart, and they didn't tell us anything more. And you know, what I kinda Doug? What Shurmur said today? I mean whenever he's anytime. You try to lecture the media. We'll play it for you coming up a little bit later on. But when you try to lecture the media, it never goes. Well, but I kinda Doug that he stood up there and said, listen, he's a big boy you want to know about it. Go ask him question. Why exactly you sometimes go? Well, I don't know what he's like when Pekar goes. Well, I don't know what that I didn't see a middle finger. I don't know who that was intended for. But he's such a great guy. I hate when they do stuff like that. I hate that. I felt like yelling it was for you. Boy. You are right. It's earning plank, Fox Sports radio. So we'll get more in depth on the actual week of action, which we haven't spent a lot of time doing so far because we had big games going on dodgers fell to the Braves tonight. The Cowboys lose in overtime to the Texans. We haven't even really had an opportunity to go too in depth on the slate of baseball. We've touched on UFC. Oh, paul. It's this up on Twitter and says, you guys are bearing the lead. Kevin Tway won the Safeway open. Wow. I didn't know that. I'm so sorry. I should be fired. Paul. We had no idea and Ernie rights Arnie. You just said you wanna fight someone seriously? You haven't been in a fight since you ask a genie bus to the prom. Not knowing Steve Kerr was her boyfriend. There was a video. I don't know if you saw the video that was viral that people thought was me at the Golden State practice. Did you see that video of Steve I must I must have missed that free. I'm sorry. I'm sorry video. There's a video of Steve Kerr shooting jump shots, and we shoot so similar because we with a high school and college together people actually thought that was me shooting the three pointers are actually was closer up because he's got a bad back. But people thought that was me shooting instead occur was it was unbelievable discourage you hate that. Whenever you have that mistaken identity all the time. You least two people that were drunk thought that was me. So you'll get a tax like Arnoux you coaching warriors right now. Now now that Steve Kerr me I understand the confusion right now. But a lot of tweets to get to as well as well too. And we'll do that coming up in here and mere moments, but right now from the Geico Fox Sports radio studios. Steve the Sager is here to bail us out with all the news that matters in the world of sports all of it because you really buried the lead on the Gulf item. I just found out that this was the PGA tour season opener this weekend. We we've just. Just in the tour championship and the Ryder Cup, Ed right away. They're starting the year all over again. I'm not kidding. It used to be in January. They started the tour. They don't do that anymore. Who won the FedEx Cup, then I don't even know who won the FedEx weeks ago, exactly that hell. I.

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