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In all fifty states and if you can find the the wolf pup session IPA and you can find that on tap get it golden road brewing fresh craft beer since twenty eleven some other college games this weekend Minnesota at Iowa Iowa three point favorite new moon Oklahoma at Baylor Oklahoma is a ten and a half point favorite against under undefeated Baylor Georgia is a three point favorite against often at Auburn Michigan is a thirteen and a half point favorite at home against Michigan state navy at Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame seven and a half point favorite I saw where their consecutive sellout streak is going to end against navy Notre Dame's is I don't know why like what so you you show up for one of these games earlier in the scene like Virginia Tech you're gonna sell out Virginia Tech but not navy and I love the navy's quarterback Perry I kissed fun but Notre Dame is a seven and a half point favorites all right these are these are the odds according to Las Vegas the team most likely to sign calling capric I'm gonna give you let me start with the the the bears then it goes I'll do it in the not descending order let me just remote no okay most likely I'm trying to get it fancy and I should just shut up and do it like what's in front me the bangles are the favorite to sign on the company I don't know why the bangles this way this is put out before the list of attendees was put out there I don't think since that is in the city I need a quarterback Zach counting to mobile quarterback is Cincinnati going to the work out eight that's right now as around okay well we don't know for sure also they like are the owners said he wished you draft happening before all right the Steelers are second on that list the ravens are third on the list bills raiders Panthers Texans bearers the team that I thought New England Patriots I think there're the they had the longest odds of of these teams I think the other thing yeah yeah so Adam is gonna get sign I don't know if he's going to play I do know that this story got put on the back burner because the miles Garrett so to the Astros story that got put on the back burner as well Zack in North Carolina exactly have for me today the owner yeah but I just wanted to say I haven't heard anybody say in I thought the gear it back I'm not condoning what Kerry did it was terrible but I thought this back with quality in it looks like they said it all so that in the bin but honest but all night and grab stray and it seems to me a lot about their account I just reacted a bit about we went for Rudolph well the problem with it Zack is it was a late hit it needs it eight seconds to go in the game it was unnecessary yeah no and look Mason Rudolph was reacting because you got miles carried on top of him they're both grabbing each other's elements and then you got miles Gerd swing in the I I I can't sit here and go you know want miles care deserves the benefit of the doubt he doesn't because no matter what happened prior you still took a guy's helmet off and used it as a weapon on him that's in I don't care what Pouncey did I if it's miles Garrett did this the other stuff before and after okay that's collateral damage what happened with miles Gerrit is why he should be suspended for the rest of the season one two five take a break here trailing the hawks will join us coming up and Carmelo Anthony has found a new team one more item in the second hour in its core shield these fancy cars nowadays that's a luxury you got computer systems you got touch screen displays you got.

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