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How did you find out your your Lee had the benefit of being hours ahead of us here on the East Coast? You correct me if I'm wrong. You're an hour behind us here in Atlanta so it was super earlier. Maybe you were up late. I don't know how did you find out oh I was definitely not up late. I was pulling a Lille on this one. I was in bed by eleven central time last night. So the way I found out was this morning you know Isla our oldest woke up pretty early and the first thing she wanted to do was open the curtains to the room and I'm like absolutely not absolutely not close close the curtains. It is too bright. Everybody else is sleeping. So you know that was that was my first battle and then Laura happened look at her phone and all of the WHATSAPP groups were going crazy with quite Leonard. This is a bad decision what happened so then. She throws her phone. Open tells me coin Leonard to the clippers and Paul George instantly shot up out of bed the coffee pot and suddenly I was sitting outside gazing on the lake trying to actually understand how this could happen. Last night. I was talking to a couple of my wife's cousins just about how long this is taking it. How maybe something will happen the next day but I mean we even chatted about how Ba- thunder how could they possibly get better out? It was a shock to find out in the first five minutes. I was awake this morning especially since it started with alight battle you're absolutely right. It's really it's a shock to the system. When you find out like news this big first thing in the morning? I just told the same thing I mean Nora had grabbed her phone before I was even awake and was telling me nudging me that Hey I think Hawaii is signing with the clippers and then Oh my God Paul Georgia's headed there too and I'd like just straight up colder Aligarh. I thought she was just on sunlight hack website. You know what I mean like. What are you looking at? What facebook page are you looking at getting this like definitely wrong information and then of course as soon as I opened my God? This is happening okay so you're obviously you're shocked just like everybody else now that you've had some hours to digest it a little bit are you. Are you all in on the clippers being being sort of the immediate title favorites. Lee Thinks Oh vegas things. So what does the Kirby thing there at least right up at the top amongst you know I guess I'm out rushmore title contenders it's GonNa be it's tough to say because the Lakers I think are still gonna be in the mix. You're counting literally. The number of all stars the sixers have the most guys with embiid Simmons and now Al Horford <hes> Milwaukee obviously has the re the reigning M._v._p.. They won sixty games last year. They've got in the mixed but I don't know quite let it was the best player in the league throughout the playoffs and now he's going west and he's got another V._p.. Level Guy next door after we saw the fight that the clippers without those two guys gave the warriors that they were able to basically bring back that whole team plus two m._v._p.. Guys I mean everybody's excited about the clippers right now. Surely that's why the favorite off the clippers. They got this but it remains to be seen but this looks like it's going to be a great team. I think they'll probably make another upgrade to get some sort of big tall guy at center but that seems to be the one thing they're missing but the pressure they can put defensively on the perimeter. It's not super important. They're going to be fun to watch and I feel like everybody's going to love watching this clippers team because they I love the previous Clippers Team Coy Paul. George probably aren't rocking that boat yeah I think that's right because their identity that they had built their this clippers team winning forty games challenging the warriors in the first round taking a few games in Oracle was this sort of like were.

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