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On some of those launches take place actually from the very same part the went from i saw one of the end of two thousand nine hundred nine it was a sunset launch was absolutely incredible to watch it with very thrilling. Very dramatic. Actually so listen up. The whole sky the funder of extraordinary noise as well citing very very dramatic. It's in the middle of nowhere. If i can so say that without giving offense to anybody i mean. It's actually in the kazakhstan step. It's a come. Send me our desert in western portion of kazakhstan. It is incredibly difficult to actually get to. When i went there in two hundred nineteen from london it took about twenty eight hours and three of flights and five bus journey. Actually get that still pretty not exactly secrets. Very close place for difficult could access to go to. It's actually a little piece of russia that still sits as it were come least to the russians inside the independent now. Republicans cousins tom. So what you got as a remote place. That's the key. And at the time and was built constructed i think starting in nineteen fifty. Five eight was. It was a four remote on. We're talking about a place. The was essentially size of kentucky. I in fact it's it's it's about a hundred times bigger than had canaveral in the united states. I mean not gives you some idea of what we're dealing. It's absolutely enormous. They will probably would definitely kazakh not months that lived there for centuries and just move with at tents and the cattle across the camels across the step. All of them were moved out. This place was empty. Other human beings and the reason it was built that was precisely in order to test that missiles talking about iran. The are seven one that was used as an intercontinental ballistic missile. The one that had the chip weapon on top of it but also became an amended form the rocket that your garden would go into space in nineteen sixty one so this top secret. The kudos cosmodrome it starts. Missile base is built in this new vast. Empty land sort of in the middle of nowhere and one of the reasons they put it that aids because it has very clear skies about three hundred fifty days out of three hundred sixty five days a clear but the climate is horrible. In the summer it gets to fifty degrees and in the winter it gets to minus forty degrees in wins. Kinda hal off. The step is what really nasty climate and let some really nasty animals there as well snakes..

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