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Got a lot of questions about that one. You want to go cast your ballot in person. Don't do it in person. They're already having trouble. I just with the mail in ballots in Clark County and lost value. Stay tuned, huh? Joe Biden is upping his advertising in Nevada to target the substantial Latino community. He's airing ads in Spanish, which Mr Trump is not doing. My next stop the biggest little city in the world. Reno Till then Happy trails Jim Taylor KCBS Well, the early voter turn out around the Bay area is nothing short of phenomenal. KCBS reporter Tim Ryan tells us employers going beyond what is required to get us to the polls. Most of us are voting by mail. But if we decide to vote on Tuesday, Election day The boss must allow it in most states, including California time has to be given to exercise the power of the vote and and so time off from work. Is something that is often granted, but but often is not granted. Political science professor David McEwen at Cinema State University says it's become cool to allow not only time off to vote, but For some companies the entire day off. Those include sales force and old Navy here in San Francisco, but also Starbucks, Goldman Sachs and the number of the big automobile manufacturers how this actually works and how the rubber hits the road will be. AH, difficult conversation and look This goes further to how Covic how the pandemic has changed everything about this election about our society and about the relationship that workers have to there, Cos there have been attempts to make Election Day, a state holiday in California, but it's never gained enough support to Naturally become law. Tim Ryan KCBS If you are skeptical of this year's presidential election process, Well, you're in good company, according to the final Preelection poll by Berkeley, I gs 40% of voters remain skeptical that the election will be conducted in a way that is fair and open. 46% now report being less confident that their vote will be counted if they mailed in their vote that if they voted in person. Meantime, 87% also agree with this statement. I worry that many Americans will not respect the outcome of this year's presidential elections. Evidence is mounting that vitamin D may protect against Cove in 19, CBS news correspondent Vicki Barker reports from the foreign desk in London. Spanish researchers say people who suffer the most from covet 19 are almost twice as likely to be deficient in vitamin D. Among the hospitalized patients they studied 82% or deficient, compared with fewer than 50% in the general population at a separate study finds people who take vitamin D pills are less likely to suffer from respiratory problems in general, don't want to shell out for pills. Best source of vitamin D is sunlight. Vicki Barker, CBS News London CASE. CBS News Time to 35 in less than three minutes, Kim vessels going to update that crash on 101 in San Mateo, but right now, Dave Ross The wonderfulness of voting. This is Dave Ross on the CBS News radio network presented by Capital One bank. I know election interference happens. But the other part of the story is that for many millions of us voting is going pretty well. The only person who's ever tried to change my vote. Is the person I live with. And really it's not that she changes it. But rather helps me better understand which bubble I meant the color and in King County here in Washington state, we have 73 ballot. Dropbox is ours was less than a mile away and no lines, so I was happy they do make you sign that nasty statement on the envelope threatening you with jail for voting more than once, But the ballot had 39 bubbles to fill out so I wasn't at all tempted. That was a little different from my sister in Westport in upstate New York. First time ever having to wait in line for early voting? It took 50 minutes. My other sister in the Bronx waited two hours without snacks or a bathroom. You must have looked desperate because a poll worker came out and said You could come back another day, But the family all texted they're urging her to stick it out for her country because, as I reminded her when the going gets tough The tough hold it in. Pro tip for those of you required to vote in person. Those absorbent briefs have come a long way. Not nearly as bulky as before. So I'll tell you what I told her. You're an American. Put on your slim line Patriot pants. And make yourself heard. Dave Ross on the CBS News Radio network. Capital..

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