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The Edens lake cook to Montrose travel time and twenty two on the inbound side. So from foster to the Kennedy, the outbound side, a twenty minute ride out to lake cook. From Montross I'll sell the be NSF trains are still stop between Naperville and route fifty nine with an accident involving a pedestrian if you're on the Kennedy out to the airport, thirty minutes. Ten locals eight express inbound an hour and ten still O'Hare into downtown fifty coming in from the injunction Montross skinny expressing outbound. Those eight minutes the O'Hare extension eastbound Bessie Coleman to the tristate. The delay out on the Eisenhower twenty-seven Mannheim, forty out to route three ninety inbound fifty seven and thirty seven coming in from Anaheim. So on the inbound side north avenue, the tri-state Mannheim before Austin garbage cans, still in the left lane. Then take from California to the Jane burn interchange. Stevenson. Outbound thirty minute ride just to get this role. It's forty three to the tri-state fifty three to three fifty five inbound thirty five from three fifty five Ryan out to ninety five tight from thirty fifth to ninety five with a crash reported seventy fifth mixed in thirty out twenty five in thirty fifth on into the Jane burn interchange. Inbound delay Fifty-seven in the Bishop Ford both in fifteen minutes, southbound lakeshore drive Fullerton down to grant park northbound side heavy from grand park through grand park. And then pass the oak street curve to north avenue. Tristate ninety four heavy in spots southbound from eighty eight down to seventy fifth some open spots. Some not Jane Addams eastbound slow from medium to fifty three ramp to southbound fifty three is jammed in northwest, Indiana..

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