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When they played musical chairs. Instead of queen play bohemian. Rhapsody play it over and over and over again until you nuts. This is the song that makes you crazy by the way jokes on them. I could listen to behemoth rhapsody probably seventy five eighty times in a day. I was going to say new. That's true it's it's. It's a song that has serves all over the place. I just looked up the lyrics. Actually i was listening to yesterday. So are the you mentioned that. I was listening to a yesterday. I finally looked up the lyrics. The lyrics are so beautiful by the way. That's what makes me cry under your own under pressure at the amy and wraps the spot of all my all i heard was queen and i went right to my favorite song which is really david bowie. But i do. I do love thinking about you. Crying baheen rhapsody. That is where. I feel like older. Like dads who work on trans. Am crowd of that song. And the part. I want them to us. Know we will not let him go in what i mean just like the sad part of any song lyric right there. The now anti vaccine slash trump supporters that freddie mercury in the seventies tricked into liking opera longest khan and i think all trump supporters love freddie mercury. Absolutely because dan movie with mister robot was like gang bus. Did it in a bang-up box office like my parents saw it. Like i just put a piece of shit. yeah like. i'm sorry but it was it. The movie the disaster. Yeah zest her. Yeah it was wild but yell also. Have you been seeing on netflix. This the ad for the prom. Well yes and i have to say. I haven't seen it. So i can't say anything about it. But i know people are really upset about james corden. I watched like no. I didn't watch the whole thing. I also what. I don't know what i can't wait to watch meryl streep in the soderbergh movie. That is my on. Let them all talk. Yes i therefore that this weekend marzi there four. Thank you and also i just watched a bio billy allergy know meryl streep i feel like she turned it down. She did but i will say this. I watched the fucking best movie on. Abo- abo- hobo. Yeah max.

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