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Facebook, Barack Obama Obama, Hillary Clinton discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Don't wanna be regulated facebook literally doesn't want to regulated but now he's caught between a rock and a hard place because he's advocating regulation everywhere else and now with this socalled breach which it wasn't all it's happened here is that a republican group found a way to leverage facebook data so now zuckerberg is on the outs and the left does not want this happening again and they want total control over these social media outlets via regulation this is exactly the kind of things october did not want to happen this is exactly why he did cozy up to all these people this is a great example of corporate cronyism corporate socialism crony liberalism whatever you get close to the big dogs so that they leave you alone when they start regulating everybody else and as long as you stay loyal and advance their cause you're going to be protected but zuckerberg at the moment is not protected jack dorsey zuckerberg all these other people hoping they would never become ensnared in kind of government control that they vote for that they publicly support and claim to love they had a ready friend and barack obama obama could give them political cover they could provide obama with information to control election results to control public opinion to stifle opposing news they did all of that they turned over their entire user database twitter facebook in toto to barack obama and they were prepared to do the same thing to hillary clinton but because the republicans found a way to use facebook data this cozy relationship is going to end in massive regulation you can see it it's in the cards ftc congress the senate they can't wait while congress the house and senate but but washington they can't rate there's a race now to regulate facebook because the drive bys have blown this up into something of it isn't so your average ordinary low information voter thinks social media is out of control and everybody's hacking their data isn't say they have no idea what's really happened here but there wasn't any hacking facebook willingly provided avenues to all of their user data if you pay the price which cambridge analytica did cambridge analytic is not protected leftists they are the enemy so now they're going to end up with massive regulation which is going to be the end of rapid growth and innovation when the government's regulating everything they do.

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Facebook, Barack Obama Obama, Hillary Clinton discussed on Rush Limbaugh

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