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I really should have a hard hat because we have. I have construction. Like i have work going on here constructs young because on the new. I'm you know. Addison put their you know. Put a door. Where adore ought to be. I am just doing things here in the new house. And i must like a supervisor really a supervisor role we'd had walked me through how you supervise. What do you say. Oh i say What that. I say what are you doing now. It's really hard core math you know. Do you get in there and run that ship. You know that's true. You know i do i. Just this is the sentence. I literally said earlier today to to two men who i didn't know i said i'm just so fascinated. Drywall and so. I watched them drywall. Have you ever seen anyone. Drywall frame things out answering drywall. How they cut out the little thing for the plug and sockets. I do now this guy get involved. When i had the engagement rings made dr gentleman fiance call. I went in. I went to the jewelry every day. And like i was like carving the gold and put pleasing the diamond. I like to get in there now. You're very happy. Jesus a carpenter in many ways. Here's the deal Today we have. It's very special day. We have very special people I don't even know how to explain to you what's going to happen today. We will put our skills do a to limit with a brand new guests and we have an old favourite returning to the program today. It's all about family and home and challenging ourselves to be our best. We'll see how that turns out we went. Let's get the show started straight talk with ross. Welcome new listener straight. Talk with ross. Straight talk with ross with tv's broth matthews and friends there's mckee there's malone who dares cj hip hip. Hooray it's straight talk with. Ross and our secret sauce is friendship laughter farting. We'd love days. we love buffets. Oh and we're not buffoons cause we love our loons straight talk with ross. Think outside the box if everything a podcast should be. I'm sorry about this song. I know that it's all wrong. Effect on sharda wall jay. Talk with Yes thank you. Unhonored by all of that applause. let's do. The quickest around malone. Is here a brunette wig. Plying his chapstick nicole boyer is my neighbor down lucky way and cj is here ping of branches running our empire Everybody and i'm ross. Mathews hyena so. Here's the deal. We have really fun. People i said we're going to. We also have a straight talk favorite in icon here on the program. I'm not gonna waste any time. Getting to the one. And only tater god what a wonderful surprise is so if you don't know original song can't get busted for that we're learning. We're learning that parodies are okay. We're learning so update calm. They took all my programs away from tab. Because i what big deal illegally played music for almost seven years. What are you going to do all there. So if you don't know tater tot was the original co host along with dario doria here on the program and my best friend since high school and we write music together and we write songs together and The audience just loves her. In fact cookie. All the fonda is so excited. She's here you've just for one show. Oh my goodness remember the show you back yet. Yeah let's tater tot everyone welcome back. I just my god. What a what a family of music. It's quite the catalog it is. I have to say by it. Thank you we will get to. The loons later potato taught for starters. Thank you for joining us. In for coming back you did have to come back today for a very. It is a very special holiday today. do you know what i'm talking about. Yes now why. Do you think tater tots here malone cj mickey. Why is tater tot here to help us celebrate A year anniversary of like a song or moment on the show are an anniversaries. Nee i roster episode this take take the Take the flirtatious anniversary. Bursary of sorts. It is a trip around the sun if you will beat china around the heater. It's your birthday no okay. Everyone's obsessed with birthdays nikki. Nearly on this show not mine. Okay i don't. I don't know also i kind of telling the sound he played is a little part of it too. Which sound oh. Come on you guys any day now. We know you're very very very anyone's birthday. Yes judy garland's birthday. Not you've got it. Is mama th birthday. Garland's birthday. And so tater tot came on celebrate with a very special way coming up. Six degrees of judy garland my god. This is good philip. Ration- is actually. Judy garland's the day that she painted.

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