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I heard that Rinaldo was sent off in tears after getting a red card is that right? Actually, it is true Duckie did seem to be in tears. First time in this Champions League. Career Rinaldo has been sent off for a red card. This coming in the event assists to nil victory. Over Valencia I league Champions League match up. Now, he was involved in an incident Jason Morello leading to him being sent off what this means though is Bernardo's facing a suspension if that happens he may miss his return match against Manchester United at Old Trafford next month. He of course, did play around four years for man, you meanwhile, Manchester City stunned in a I like Champions League match up by Leon two to one at the stadium. Bill. Faquir scoring the winner at the forty three minute, Mark. The lost the fourth championship loss in a row for city. Manchester United dominated young voice three no beyond the Paul pod. But brace via Munich shutting up fica two-nil Real Madrid dominates Roma three nil. Victoria pills. NCIS K Moscow. They played a two all draw as does Hockenheim and shock tar danettes Raphael withdrawn from the Asian leg of ATP tour, the world's number one continuing rehabbing from a knee injury suffered at the US open. The thirty two year old will miss the China open and the Shanghai masters Yankees activating all star closer all this Chapman off the disabled. This after missing close the month with left knee tendinitis. Meanwhile, the met shutting down starters Zack Wheeler after throwing over one hundred eighty innings. It's a limitation thing with innings. Minnesota Timberwolves all star guard Jimmy Butler asking the organization for trade with either the clippers Nixon Brooklyn nets as the top destinations. I'm Dan Schwartzman. That's your Bloomberg NBC world sports update back to you. Doug. All right. Danny. Thanks so much coming up here on daybreak Asia. We heard that Amazon is considering a plan to go brick and mortar could this be getting the great retail turnaround? We'll ask Larry Perkins sees the founder and CEO of Sierra constellation. That's coming up. We'll also update markets in global news ahead. This.

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