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The brandy the soap E eighteen eighteen ninety six because that was the year that do little was born and that bottle and that display is the US air force museum, and it will no longer be be drunk from or or seeing Dave he wasn't Jimmy doolittle's co-pilot. He was doing co-pilot pilot. You said Mitchell if I've been saying Mitchell the whole time. Yes, you did. Oh my God. I'm sorry. All right. That's all right. Corrected here. Yeah. Jimmy, do those aircraft. They flew, folks. Not. And I'm just losing my mind. Okay. I'm going to shut up and go crawl into a hole the rest of the evening. Your emails to Mike at the US. Well, if you want to see there's a actually not so bad film that tells the story pretty well. It's called thirty seconds over Tokyo came out in nineteen forty four stars Spencer, Tracy, and I'd recommend you take a look at it to get the whole story. And actually, I actually was the twenty five Mitchell at the Pearl Harbor museum that I saw back in February actually is the splayed on an aircraft carrier deck and is labeled the ruptured duck. Likewise, the b twenty five also be twenty five also at the air force museum is Doolittle raider. So okay, I'm going to start now. All right. Oh, I'm really sorry. I'm humiliated. I'm going away. Now by. No, not at all. You know, when when we started talking about some of your guys questions to me. I'm sure you're going to fact, check me. So you get you get one hundred percent pass go. Couple of days ago, when I was visiting my mother, she hands me this clipping from the Washington Post. In. It's it's actually a bitchy wary for for coal. But anyway, it there's a there's a paragraph in here. It says as they reached Japan the tenant Cole said he saw beachgoers waving. And there's a quote from him. It was kind of like flying in Miami. He told the Dayton daily news. So those kind of a humorous humorous aspect to it. So, but yeah, so the last the last of the little raiders now history. So, you know, we we carry that tradition forward to or at least a memory forward honoring these guys who I mean, this was a one way mission which is. Normally missions you like to to have a return home, but this was kind of sketchy mission, but you know, the I think in in wartime in the the motivations for doing this where greater than the the individuals involved. But it was quite a feat. And max there is one other thing that's going to be the legacy for the Doolittle raiders. Yeah. And that is our new stealth bomber at the beach one has been named the raider in honor of the Doolittle. Oh, I didn't pick up on that. All right. Very cool. Very well. We have another military story. This is from the sun dot co dot UK race to find Japan's f thirty five stealth jet that crashed into see before China or Russia can steal top secret tech. Maybe the longest headline will run across today, but Japanese f thirty five eight. Fighter was lost about eighty miles east of the coasts of Japan. I guess as as we record this some of the wreckage has been found, I think the fate of the pilot is still still unknown. I think the pilot is still missing is that right? David. Have you heard anything more recent on the last time, I heard it was still considered missing in action? Yeah. So I guess this was a training mission in the the notion here is that if China or if Russia finds the wreckage I than that would be a great intelligence opportunity for them. So I guess what we have right now is a lot lot of surface and underwater vehicles to their or headed they're looking for the wreckage David wha-, what would the Russians or the Chinese? Be able to learn that would be important if they were able to recover and get away with the f thirty five the sensor, suite. I mean, the not necessarily the stealth. But the thirty five as far as an electronic capable aircraft. And all of the sensors that make it the force multiplier that the F thirty five is the ability to network with other aircraft, etc. That's.

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