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I've smoked cat houses. Yes yes yes smells like money. Maybe not you. Don't wanna smell that money and you can get rid of that smell. But that's a much bigger problem. You definitely don't want to buy a house then seeing if you're a first or second time homebuyer surely don't wanna be surprised by that right. You wanna go in with your eyes wide open with those kinds of things and your nose wide open to. I've been in houses right now. You have to wear a mask. I've been in houses. I can smell that through my mask. This is not a good house. What well let's talk about something here. You know because we're an extreme. We're an extreme part of the seller's market. I think right now in general and and who knows how long it's gonna continue the seller's market because new for ten more years it could be over tomorrow so it doesn't mean it doesn't necessarily mean that it's not a time to buy and the market stuff we can get into a whole thing around that but you know in the current reality there are some listings that are getting offers that say hey. I'm not even going to inspect the property. I'm going to buy it exactly as is our. I'm going to buy with all cash. Those types of things and to me with that says for a first time home buyer is like hey if a good deal in your market to you is the one property that sold the last one hundred eighty days that meets your criteria. You might be waiting a long time before you buy your first home. Then you'd better be prepared to wait a few years because you might get out on those types of things. If you've got five to ten in the last one hundred eighty days you might lose on one two three of those properties but within the next six months you've probably hit your winner and find it and get it and so it just kind of understanding those odds and those types of things and knowing that hey like no mindy and i are not going to sit here and a lower advise you to buy your first home. The biggest financial decision.

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